Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Words of wisdom from a stranger

Passersby almost always have a comment when a Allison's around. Most of the time it's something as simple as "Aw" or "How old?" But an older gentleman stopped me in a store this morning and offered a slice of poignancy that really made me stop and think.

"They bring unimaginable joy don't they?" he said.

I smiled, rubbed her hair and agreed.

Then, after walking away, he stopped, turned around and came back.

"And they bring out things in you you didn't even know you had."

I have a feeling I'll be discovering that for the rest of my life.


Wendy said...

Don't you wish everyone had such wonderful and thought provoking comments.

The_plainsman said...

Cool older guy, cool comment.

Alana said...

I found this site and I thought you might like it, something to splurge on for the camera that you love. :-)


(You may need to copy and paste in order to make it work...)

Also, I loved your post today (as I do every other day), those are the comments from strangers I love most. The ones that may have been said casually but stick with you for a long time after... Shows you how important the time you spend with someone can be, even if you don't know their name or where they're from.

HeyJade said...

Wow, those are two completely perfect comments...so very, very true about children.

Ray said...

"And they bring out things in you you didn't even know you had."

^^That was beautiful. <3