Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good thing I had a few leftover prescription pain meds from my surgery

Jerry broke his left hand a few days ago.

And he's a lefty.

Don't ask me how he did it. I think it falls under the category of "Jerry being Jerry."

He came home with a gigantic swollen mound of flesh and announced, "I have to go to the hospital." I guess his daredevil adolescence filled with sled riding off his parents' roof and jumping from the top of a shed into their pool armed him with enough experience to know it was broken.

But even though he could've slept through the portion of the emergency room visit where the doctor advised him how to take care of his cast because he has all the rules memorized, one major thing has changed since the last time he had to live with a plaster monstrosity for six weeks.

Now he has a baby.

And he realized very quickly just how difficult it is to put a diaper on a wriggling 9-month-old with his non-dominant hand and a club with a few fingers poking out.

And carrying her in her car seat while trying to lug all of her stuff into the house.

And giving her a bath with a giant bag taped over his arm.

The other stuff is proving to be frustrating too. Like trying to cut a piece of pork he took to work for lunch and discovering his cast wouldn't allow him to angle his knife properly. So I guess he just speared it with a fork and ate it caveman style.

Speaking of cavemen, now I know what they would've looked like if they had typed on keyboards or tried to use a mouse. The only thing I can think of to describe it is awkward as hell.

Jerry's trying his best to stay in good spirits, but I can tell it's getting to him.

As always, he has been relying on humor to get him through.

"God, I know casts are annoying, but I don't remember them being this annoying," he said. "That just tells me that I must've been a total lazy shit. Now I actually have to DO stuff."


chelsea said...

Aw damn that sucks! I hope Jerry feels better! I wonder if Alli will try to teeth on his cast...babies will do anything! BTW, I posted a pic of my new short hair cut!

the plainsman said...

Well, not lazy, just that as kids, we didn't actually have to do much that was important - we got a pass back then.

Anonymous said...

Sucks for Jerry! But I'm happy to know he's in the lefty club! (I'm one too! =D)

theZanyOne said...

Poor Jerry. Still gotta love that humor, though. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

That really sucks. How long does it need to stay on? I've never had a broken bone so I have no idea.

Keep your spirits up Jerry!!


Gisela said...

change the title of this entry, or I'll report you to the proper authorities, young lady!

Never thought of you as a pusher type...tsk!


Ray said...

Wow his hand is broken and he can still take care of Allison. Jerry's awesome. I hope his hand heals soon! =)