Sunday, August 10, 2008

The moose is loose

Alli's newfound ability to stand has paved
the way for many self-discoveries.

Like stumbling upon a Newsweek magazine. And after slapping
her head at the state of world affairs, she offered her take on
potential solutions to the national deficit and energy crisis.
But don't ask me who she's going to vote for, she refused to say.


Karen said...

She looks so proud of herself, and smug, in that first picture! Now the real fun begins.

Timberly said...

She's standing? It took her forever to roll over and all of the sudden she's standing? Awesome!

Chelsea said...

Congrats to Alli!

Kristin said...

future politician =P

on another note, I personally don't understand why some people refuse to say who they're going to vote for. I don't get why that's such a personal thing, lol.


the plainsman said...

Standing, now the real fun is going to begin, 'cause in a few minutes that unsteady stand is going to be "run at warp speed!"

And speaking of running, at election time, she will be writing in her own name, LOL.

Ray said...

That first photo of Allison standing is beyond adorable! That face is just TOO PRECIOUS for words. And she's already standing at just eight months?! WOW, now that's something brag about to the coworkers. I really believe she is advanced for her age. God bless your little girl, she truly is something special. <3

Lioncloud said...

Given that she can already say "BA" and "MA", I expect that the "O" will not be far behind.

Candi said...

Aw, yay!