Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Almost as good as finding a huge sack of free money

The guy standing in front of me at the craft store checkout line didn't look like an employee. He was small, petite even, but nothing about him said, "I create so many dried floral arrangements in my spare time that I work here just for the discount."

And yet, he walked out of the store with a gargantuan mirror for less than 10 bucks. A mirror WAY bigger than the one I had just been ogling for $60.

"Um, does that guy work here?" I asked when he was safely out of earshot.

"No," the cashier said, giving me a quizzical look.

"Then how did he just get that mirror for 10 bucks?"

"They're on clearance," she said," in the back."

A gargantuan mirror for a little more than lunch at Panera? What did I do to deserve such an amazing gift from the retail gods? Well, I had just managed to summon the willpower to resist the overpriced mirror. Maybe it had been a test and I passed.

As I signed my receipt, I immediately asked if it would be alright to take my purchase and peruse the secret clearance section.

She nodded. And I practically ran.

There were a few left. None like the guy in front of me had selected, but still a huge score. The biggest one was marked $9.99 down from $99.99. I know I suck at math, but that's a calculation I can compute. Ninety percent off! My head was reeling.

Just that morning I had rearranged the living room to put away Allison's playpen she no longer uses. In the process, I opened up a big wall by moving a coat rack from one area to another. It looked all bare and uninspired. It screamed for artwork or a photo or something.

Something like a gargantuan mirror on clearance.

The only problem was the color. The entire thing was brass and super clunky. But the scale of it was perfect for the space.

Or there was another smaller mirror that was the perfect color and the perfect shape but the wrong size. That one was $6.99 from $69.99.

Dilemma. I needed to think about it.

After much debating, I ended up leaving, going to work, returning later with Amanda for a second opinion and settling on the big one hoping it will work once I paint it. If not? Well, it cost less than a jumbo-majumbo pack of toilet paper.

And I could always wipe my butt with it without it feeling like a huge loss.

Allison, however, seems to love it as is.


tarheelkate said...

Aw love that picture! What a cutie. I'm glad you got some assistance from writing your post about feeling overwhelmed. I struggle myself with being a perfectionist and yet being overwhelmed in the details - and I don't have a baby or a night-job! I hope you're able to maintain some balance with new resolutions, and to ask for help when you need it (a skill all by itself). You're definitely not alone, even when it feels most like it! Thanks for sharing little pieces of your world with us every day.

Tiffany said...

Cute picture! Awesome as well on scoring the super good deal. I always feel like such a champ if I find something great on discount. ;-)

Yes, lots has gone on. I'm almost in my 3rd Tri if you can believe it! I'll send you an email at your novelle360 at hotmail addy and fill you in. :-)

Lioncloud said...

As Allison knows, babies are fun to look at!

Bitchy Mom said...

Awesome picture! And great mirror! Would look great over my couch...

What craft store did you go to? Can I find one in New England?

Timberly said...

Bargain shopping -- it's like I have a protege.
And you can totally paint over that.

Ray said...

Hahaha! I love hearing about your shopping excursions. Any sale is a great one no matter what. ESPECIALLY a 90% off sale!

And that photo of Allison looking in the mirror is adorable. "Yes Allison you are beautiful baby!" =)

sarahhhh said...

big mirrors are so expensive. you scored big time! dang... i needa get a big mirror for my new apartment.

the plainsman said...

I think you are really a professional baby photographer and Allison is a professional baby model. Another great photo!

Anonymous said...

ummm, both ~= $17...

jsi said...

And it matches the floor exceptionally well.

She found a friend there, and may never let you put it on the wall.

Chelsea said...

I felt like that when I did my dorm shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond and had a ton of those 20% off coupons! Adorable photo!

Randall said...

What a steal! I love super secret clearance sections tucked away (Target has plenty if you know where to look!).

Anonymous said...

Awesome deal!! Gotta love clearance sections.

I hope you love it once you get it painted.


Wendy said...

Tape off the mirror and spray paint will be your best friend. If the mirror is metal, be sure to get paint that works on metal (and etc. if plastic). It will work fabulous, I promise!