Friday, September 19, 2008

So cavernous, you could shove a cantaloupe up there

One of Alli's favorite things is playing on the floor with a pillow.
She slams her face into it and emits a muffled yell. Here she had
just gotten tired, rolled over, grabbed her blanket and sighed.

I couldn't figure out why all of the pears were disappearing off our
back porch. Then, a few days later, I discovered the culprit.

She may be rethinking her dad's college football team preference.
Jerry: GO PENN STATE! ... Alli: Pfft.

This is what I originally went to the craft store for.
I bought a wreath form and some flowers and woot! Fall.

Until a friend recently gave me her old baby gate, I was using
Alli's high chair to keep her away from the dog food.

And when will Jerry learn? When he takes funny pictures of himself
Internet, meet Jerry's nostrils.


Kristin said...

The picture on the last post is adorable as all hell =]]


Anonymous said...

what is that animal? it looks like a very large squirrel but has very similar resemblance to a ...tiny beaver?

the plainsman said...

Your comment about the need for the high chair blockade made me laugh, and by the way, that is one cool looking high chair, too. Never knew groundhogs would raid pears from a porch. I guess he/she really likes pears.

Anonymous said...

nose hair clippers......

Cindy said...

At least his nose is clean.

Ray said...

That first photo is beyond adorable. Alli is SO PRECIOUS (you're so right. She is totally smoochable. Hope that doesn't sound creepy)! Please be careful though with that pillow (I mean I know you know, but I just get scared). And you better be careful about putting up that photo of Jerry. He might get on here and post a blackmail photo of you, LOL! =P

Oh and I love that photo with you catching your little pear culprit. Very cool.

Well, take care.

sarahhhh said...

while you are having a great day with your cute baby on her fabulous pink rug... i lied in bed hung over sick sick sick all day. what a waste!

just wanted to let someone know. because i am dang sick and angry at myself. freakin vegas! freakin economy!

Traci said...

Yeah what is that animal? Ground hog?

Glad Jerry's nose was free and clear before he clicked.

novelle360 said...

It's a groundhog. Although, I call it a pearhog.