Wednesday, September 3, 2008

If you're sick of babies, go into your favorites and click on something, anything, FAST

We went to New York to visit my family for Labor Day weekend and, as usual, barely had a moment to spare with everything going on around us. And, also as usual, I didn't take nearly as many photos as I thought I had, but found a plethora of babies upon importing the images into my computer. But babies are awesome and cute. So please file any complaints with my DEAL WITH IT department. Thank you.

First up on the Tour de Babies is Allison discovering she can
get back support by leaning against grandma's kitchen cabinets.

Saturday morning I met Julie and her daughter, Shobha, for the first time
in person. I've read her blog for eons, so I felt completely comfortable
squeezing the crap out of them at will. And because I came back alive,
I'm hoping to convince Jerry that not everyone on the Interweb is a
47-year-old sex-crazed lunatic posing as a new mom from my hometown.

Alli was enamored with the "beebee," but even more so with all of the
goodies hidden around the room. Like the cats' scratching post and the
back massager and especially the antique beer stein she almost obliterated.
You know, the one that had been in the family for multiple generations.
When we left, Julie probably kissed Shobha in all of her stationary glory.

Unfortunately I had to leave early to make a hair appointment,
and judging from the last photo to this photo, I can say I'm
thoroughly glad I rushed around for that slight a difference.
But ON TO THE NEXT BABY. I also finally met Jackson
and all of his snuggly-cooing-sleeps-through-anything goodness.

I have about 73 photos where I tried to get a picture of Courtney
with her eyes open, but even with the flash off, she is notorious for
blinking. Like the sound of my finger depressing the button on the camera
makes her eyes flinch. Finally I gave up and said LOOK AT YOUR KID.

Meanwhile, Jerry and Court's husband, Matt, played a, well, unique game
game called Lightning Reaction. If you aren't the first to buzz in when the
music stops, you get electrocuted. And, yep, they played multiple rounds.

Every time we're at my mom's house, we eat like obese kids
the week before fat camp. It's hard to say what my favorite
dessert was, but these cookies tasted as good as they looked.

Alli had a great time playing with my
little sister's old toy ice cream scoop.

Later, when Jackson came over to swim, he showed his feminine
side in Allison's strawberry hat. That's right. REAL men wear berries.

My brother David's dog Tecmo has gotten much bigger. He is now
the size of Toby. But Toby is still a complete douche and needs to
show that even though he doesn't have testicles, he still has balls.

After much debate, I put Alli in this adorable ensemble until Jerry
couldn't take it any longer: "She deserves to be beat up in that outfit."

Just one more Jax photo. His eyes are open. And oh so blue.

And, my favorite picture from the entire week, DEFINITELY worthy of
my desktop background, my family hanging on the couch before breakfast.


Anonymous said...

I love how Toby and Alli have pretty much the same expression in the last picture!!

Toooooo cute!

Jennifer Suarez said...

OMG I have to agree with Jerry... the one outfit is pretty terrible LMAO. At least it'll get a good laugh during her graduation slide show right?

Adorable photos as always. Thanks for sharing them. Did you make it out to the great NYS fair during your visit?

Anonymous said...

I never liked overalls..on myself or others. HAHA.

Awww, babies are just so adorable. :) We can never have enough of them...except when the world majorly overpopulates...but even then, their cuteness makes up for it!

Allison said...

Someone had me play that Lightning Reaction game one time. I was like what sick individual came up with this game, and why did you actually purchase it. :-) It did kind of make me laugh though.

Timberly said...

The last picture is so awesome -- too bad you weren't in it too.

And you're hair looks really good in that one photo you're in. I love it!

Anonymous said...

OMG - baby bonanza! All so cute, thanks for sharing all the pics. Love love the last one - such happy faces! Glad you guys had a good time.

Ray said...

-I love that first photo of Allison. She looks so damn cute in those pajamas!
- That photo of her playing with your sister's icecream scoop has to be THE CUTEST THING EVER! She reminds me of an anime cartoon with her eyes closed like that. Hehe.
-I cannot believe baby Shobha is so big already!! God bless her.
-I also can't believe how big Jackson's gotten either. He's adorable as well, with those beautiful blue eyes.
-Your mom should start a cookie business, those cookies look great. Hell I'd buy them!
-And that last photo of the loves of your life is so sweet.


Anonymous said...

so many babies. so precious! i can't believe i'm having one in 4.5 months!!
(oh, and i LOVE your hair!)

cafechick80 said...

awe, such cute pictures!!

Anonymous said...

that last picture is priceless. everyone looks so perfectly happy! i love it

no babies here plainsman said...

Glad I stayed with it all the way though, as that last photo is the greatest!

Anonymous said...

Great photos!

I love all of the baby photos. Bring Em On!!


Miss said...

All of the babies are so cute! And the puppy too :)

Anonymous said...

aaaw.... family.. yes my fav too

Maria said...

Many beautiful pictures but Shobah's catches my eye- I can't believe how big she is, esp. from that last picture that was posted of her. What a wonderful transformation!

Anna said...

you have great pictures, too cute! the last one is definitely a keeper, what a beautiful family. (and allison looks like she's always such a happy baby!)

jsi said...