Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who needs millions in campaign money when you've got illuminated gourds?

Discussion that followed after I mentioned I'd like to get political when carving our pumpkins this year:

"You don't want Allison's first pumpkin to be a face?"

"I have a feeling she'd be okay with it."

"Yeah, but what about everyone else? We'd just be inviting McCain supporters to smash them. And some of them are crazy! Like that chick who carved the backwards B in her face!"

"Less cleanup for us. They'd already be taken care of."

"Well, I don't even know which way I'm voting yet!"

"Don't joke about that. That's totally grounds for a divorce. Ranks right up there with when you leave the fridge open."

"Trick-or-treaters are KIDS! They're too young to get it."

"Yes, but who takes around those kids? VOTERS."

"Like a pumpkin is really going to make a difference."

"Not with that attitude it's not! Who says my Obama pumpkin wouldn't be the deciding factor for someone? Like they get into the voting booth and think, 'Man, that pumpkin on that family's porch was really awesome. And they had Snickers. I'm voting Obama.' ... And then that one vote totally wins the election because WE LIVE IN A SWING STATE."

"And then, in his acceptance speech, Obama will personally thank you for your creative contribution."

"See? I knew you'd get it eventually."


aj said...

"On this historic occasion, I'd like to take a moment to recognize all the small efforts that made this night possible. Nancy in CA, thank you for baking Obama-faced sugar cookies for your sons soccer team. And Kelly in PA, your pumpkin convinced entire families to vote for change!"

I like it.. I hope we see pics!

the plainsman said...

Halloween is scary enough without involving Washington Politicians, says this once Poly Sci/History major. Think of Allison's reaction a decade and a half from now, asking why did you have HIS head on my first pumpkin? Especially if things do not pan out, administration-wise. Think how a parent would later explain a Nixon pumpkin to their fifteen year old? LOL! ("I am not a crook" Nixon had a plan to end the war and represented a change in party, too.)

Anonymous said...

this is my very first election that i get to vote in!
obama '08!

Anonymous said...

i'm in barcelona right now and all the europeans want obama.

OBAMA 08!!

Wren said...

Obama :)

Anonymous said...

obama sucks.

Anonymous said...

So I'm obviously biased, having interned for and meeting Barack Obama, but...OBAMA 08! And i think the pumpkin carving idea is great!

Traci said...

Yeah, I'm afraid that might be inviting some Halloween tricksters to not only smash the pumpkins but egg your house!

Shal said...


I totally told my hubs the same.. that it's grounds for divorce if he voted for well.. you know...

I can't wait... less than a week!

Shal said...

OBAMA 2008!!!

erica said...

Haha... I can just see it. The news swarms the house to catch a glimpse of that glowing pumpkin head that thousands of voters claimed to have swayed their vote.

Local man claims "It was so beautifully done! How could I not support a person who was the muse for such incredible artwork?"

McCain waves a violent fist in the air shouting "if only someone had smashed that darn pumpkin!"

Sorry, everyone was getting political, so I had to add fun. I think I got carried away in the drama though : )

Ray said...

You guys have such interesting conversations. I'd love to be a fly on your wall. Haha. And interesting to see who you'll be voting for. I loved this particular comment you made to Jerry, "Don't joke about that. That's totally grounds for a divorce. Ranks right up there with when you leave the fridge open."

Very true though. I was just thinking about that. Could I be married to someone who doesn't share the same political views as I do....? I mean you don't know who they might vote for until the time comes. Still, it's something to think about. That story about that girl is insane. People are crazy! O.o

Well, take care.

Anonymous said...

I personally am for McCain but I would still love to see your Obama pumpkin!

The question is why am I even voting....McCain doesn't stand a chance!

LeslieAnn said...

Hehe funny. Yesterday my boyfriend's niece told me that they had a mock election at school and she voted for McCain because all her friends did. I said I remembered having mock elections as a kid. Then she asked me how old McCain was and when I told her she said, "He could die! In office!"

Kristin said...

obama '08 =]


its_just_ang said...

Personally, I despise Obama with all my being, but I think that his face would be hilarious on a pumpkin, and I, as a McCain supporter, can say that I wouldn't smash your Barack-O-Lantern. : )

the plainsman said...

As an early commentor, had to check back on this one. Hmm, just thought of something. As a journalist, would you not have to have pumpkin faces of both candidates on your porch? LOL!

Alan said...

"Personally, I despise Obama with all my being,"

I feel that way about Palin, if she comes anywhere close to the white house I am changing countries. I have never openly hated anyone or anything like I HATE her.