Friday, October 3, 2008

Took our fridge sticky notes to a whole new level

In an effort to help me keep my to-do list on the fridge instead of in my purse, Courtney mailed me a magnetic dry-erase board and some extra colored markers. But, um, I haven't exactly used it for the intended purpose. Jerry and I started drawing fun notes to each other and, after awhile, it just sort of spiraled into a game. Eventually, I decided to start taking photos of them. The rules? We have to take turns and always include the two purple circle magnets in the message. And, you know what? It totally boosted morale in our house.

Me to Jerry before Sunday's Steelers game.

Jerry to me after my annual eye appointment.

Me to Jerry because we got randomly selected to participate
in a university study about political views. And got 25 bucks to boot!

Me to Jerry when I ran the gas tank down to E.
Also because I discovered during the survey that
we have different views on U.S. highway spending.

Jerry to me when he noticed Toby's food was low.
And, yes, he sucks at making dogs.

Me to Jerry because I made an apple pie to take to work and
he was jealous. To which he grumbled, "I think that means I'm your son."


Dana said...

my husband and I do that too! Except we have a picture of Mark Wahlburg back in his Marky Mark days and we make up things for him to say each day :)

Chelsea said...

EVERYONE in my dorm building has one of those! You can only imagine what drunk college students write and draw on those boards. One night, someone drew penises on everyone's board. You have inspired me to decorate mine!

aj said...

those are fantastic!

Miss said...


Kristin said...

I especially like Jerry's drawing of the guy with the balloons =P


Kristin said...

and you finally disabled the approve-comments thingy!
fancyyy =]]


Randall said...

I love that - nothing like a bunch of silly stuff to make you smile (and isn't it the little stuff that does it most of the time?).

Maria said...

OMG, if Mitch and I were even half way decent at drawing I'd totally do that and document it!

Why did he give Toby old person whiskers, those scare me.

sarahhhh said...

toby looks like a scary elf cat. HAHA.

reminds me of the good o college days.

the plainsman said...

Where can I sign up to offer my political opinions? @ $30 per? I could be a millionaire by now!

Toby looks like a "beatnick" dog!

Fun group of whiteboards.

emmalee1508 said...

haha those are funny things you guys drew, i like the idea though :-p

Shal said...

that looks like fun! How cute! I can't wait to see what Allison draws once she is old enough to not chew on the markers

Jessica said...

Jerry's dog looks like a cat... and my husband and I write notes too =)

Ray said...

That is the coolest thing ever! I hope I have a fun marriage as you and Jerry have. You guys rock! Keep these coming, I love them. And what a cool rule to incorporate the purple circles in every message. It brings more creativity. ;o)

Ray said...

ALSO: you can always buy another board to write down your, "To Do List" and keep this one for fun. You can have the boards side by side. Just a thought.

Jennifer Suarez said...

I noticed that one of you is probably left handed. After Jerry's message the pen is facing the left, after yours, the pen faces the right.

So cute! I love our dry erase board too. I'm often using it for our game of SHMILY.

Gisela said...

c'mon, put up the one where he makes nipples or testies with the circles. I know he did it.

novelle360 said...


Yes, Gisela, he did BOTH. Immediately. But I didn't think to start taking pictures until a few messages in.