Sunday, October 19, 2008

My camera got a workout this week

It's been a little over a year since I've seen my friend Gisela, so when she picked me up on the sidewalk in front of our house, swinging me around in a circle while squeezing the shit out of me, all I could say was, "I FORGOT HOW FREAKISHLY STRONG YOU ARE!" Then I added, "God I missed you!"

It was her first time meeting Allison, and you'd think they were longtime BFFs. Gisela just seems to have this natural affinity for playing with kids, and Alli was no exception. Although I always worry it must be a gigantic snoozefest for a Philly-dweller to visit the everything-closes-at-9 suburbia of central Pennsylvania, Gisela was perfectly happy spending a few days in our Plastic Toy Wonderland and snuggling under blankets with the giggly Alli on our couch.

Gisela added a phone to Allison's Plastic Toy Wonderland
and sung all sorts of Spanish lullabies to her.

Later that night, we took a girls-only trip to Chili's for dinner.

Maybe the reason Alli loved her so much is because
Gisela tossed her around like Jerry normally does.

Saturday afternoon we took a long walk
and stopped at a candy museum.

And looked at the old metal chocolate molds
hopefully not made out of lead.

Then we stumbled upon a huge pile of colorful leaves
and decided Allison should play in them.

Hours later, I found a leaf in her diaper.

Then we stopped and got ice cream.

Although he doesn't look it here, Jerry
was super psyched Penn State beat Michigan.

It was too short a visit, but it was great
reconnecting, even if just for a few days.


the plainsman said...

Always fun re-connecting with good friends like Gisela. Like your proof that Alli had fun in the leaves. So what if they roll up the sidewalks at 9, you have a candy museum nearby?!!? I think those stamped steel molds were tin plated originally, and fear more today what is inside most of the candy like approved red dye xr7! LOL!

Jaclyn said...

I'm so glad Gisela got to visit and meet Miss Alli-baba!! Looks like you girls had a blast.

Erin in Scranton said...

Looks like GiGi had a good time. Love the photo of her and Alli in the leaves. :)

Anonymous said...

there's nothing better than having a friend like that.

C. said...

rawr your friend is hotttt

Randall said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit from an old friend!

Timberly said...

Ah, I wish I were there too ...

bronxbombette said...

She looks like she loveed Alli!

LeslieAnn said...

Glad you ladies had such a good weekend. Who knew there was a museum of candy!? Hehe. I want colorful leaves here. I'm near D.C. and ours are mostly green still. They need to plant more maples here.

And yay for Michigan losing. I prefer Michigan State. Or Ohio, but if my dad knew that he'd disown me. :)

Ray said...

Awww, glad you had a fun time reuniting with a good friend. And great pics to remember them by are awesome as well. You look great as always (love the photo of you feeding Alli ice cream)! I love that photo of Gisela holding Allison upside down. Cute. And that photo of Gisela and Allison sitting on all those leaves is so sweet. Great shot. LOL, at finding a leaf in Allison's diaper. Now you know that means she had a ball! ^o^

Take, care.

Gisela said...

I look super tired but these pix are great! The leaves were certainly a great background. That first pic looks like I'm putting a spell on her or something.

(a la jungle boy) Oooooh-oaoaoaoaoaaaaaaaaaa-oooo-ohh!


To C. - how YOU doin'? ;)

Jennifer Suarez said...

Your friend sounds like a sweetheart. Glad you guys had fun.

LOL @ the leaf in the diaper.

BTW when I saw the bunny molds, I thought the SAME thing about the lead. :-D

aj said...

aw.. so great. those leaf pics were awesome, and your friend is gorgeous. you two make quite the show-stopping pair. Alli is such a cutie as well, so wow.. look out world. you have a beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you could spend time together, even if it was too short.