Thursday, October 16, 2008

Letter leftovers

Every month when I write Allison's letters, I always struggle to choose which anecdotes to write about and agonize over which photos to post. I always feel a tremendous amount of satisfaction when I'm finished because Alli is such a huge part of my days and the initial purpose of starting this blog was to give myself a writing outlet and document my thoughts about life.

But after reading it a few times, I usually get frustrated because "Shoot! I forgot to mention that. And that. ... Oh yeah, and that." And by the time the next month rolls around, those observations are lost. She's changing so rapidly.

So I've decided to introduce a monthly "Leftovers" feature, which will primarily be the photos I didn't select for her letter, many of which include the rest of the family. I may also compile a few bullet points of things I don't want to forget.

It seems like a good solution. And I like leftovers. Wall, as long as they're not taco shells reheated in my toaster oven. Because guess what? They catch on fire.

Alli-gator, I took you to your first parade earlier this month
and you CLEANED HOUSE with the flag handouts.

You're an expert at walking when you have help.
(Just please ignore my pre-shower ensemble.)

You and Toby are officially partners-in-crime. Dad tells me you
worked together to pull this can of cheese snacks off the coffee table.

I try to prevent you from playing with the blind cords because
of that whole "strangling hazard" thing, but YOU LOVE THEM.

You also love when Dad gives you zerberts.

New York grandma and grandpa came to visit this month
and grandma noticed that every time we pick you up, you
pat us on the back because you want to return the favor.

You also had your first cookie. Grandma's chocolate chunk.
And holy sweet sugar did you mow that thing down.

I'm also finally starting to see the resemblance between you and me.

And this photo, although not spectacularly active or even interesting
in composition, is just so ... you. Years from now, I know I'll want to
crawl into it back in time and scoop you up and get your pat on the back.

  • Lady, you are going to looove gum. I know babies are supposed to put everything in their mouth, but you like to keep stuff in there. I guess to feel it roll around on your tongue, maybe? Whatever the reason, it seems like each time you explore on your own, when you return to me, you have a wad of something in your mouth. You pull it out and inspect in on occasion -- which is when I notice it -- then you try to cram it back in before I can grab it. I've confiscated carpet fuzz, wads of magazine pages, bits of toilet paper and all sorts of barely identifiable things covered in your spit. Trust me, Trident will taste much better.
  • Your chattiness has continued this month, but you only seem to be able to utter one thing at a time. Your repertoire includes Go! Go! Go!, stop, Mommom, Dada and, your favorite, baby. Everything is "baby." Even the hulking linebackers on the Steelers defense.
  • You fell in love with books this month. You are content to just sit on your floor and flip through your cardboard books and look at the pictures. I often have to turn them around so they're facing the right way, but you don't seem to be bothered if I don't. You carry them around and talk to them as if you're carrying on a very thoughtful conversation. As someone who gets paid to read stories every night, I sincerely hope that love continues a lifetime. Words can take you anywhere you want to go.


Gisela said...

better rev up that camera for a new crop of pix with me and ms. ali G. this weekend!

Erin said...

I think you and Ali look a lot alike. I really noticed it back in a post you shared with pictures from your past. I think it was the jazz hands one, especially in the close up.

the plainsman said...


Anonymous said...

brilliant :)
love it!

sarahhhh said...

i think leftovers are a great idea.

your hair is bangin awesome!

tarheelkate said...

ohmigoodness what a cutie. you are so lucky to have such a beautiful, intelligent little girl! as someone also in the business of language, i second your joy in little Alli's appreciation for books!

and yes, your hair is looking *amazing*.

Anonymous said...

i've read almost all your posts, (even xanga because i've been reading that one since 2006.)but the one i can't find, and i want to read is if you did a post about your wedding.
could you link me maybe?

novelle360 said...

Here's a link that takes you to the five posts leading up to and including my wedding day. If you scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "previous," you'll get my post about the day itself. If you keep hitting "previous," you'll get details about the honeymoon.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I had a great time looking over those posts to get the link!

Ray said...

Awww, I love this first installation of, "Letter Leftovers." I wondered if you wrote more than the actual letter. I mean there's just so much going on that you can't always put it in the letter. Do you have a book where you also write about Alli? I think you should. Documenting as much as you can will be great when you want to reminisce, when Alli is no longer a baby.

I love that photo of you and Alli. You look great! And that photo of her and Jerry is too sweet. I also think that's it's too freakin' cute that she pats people's backs. Babies learn so much. It's amazing.

Take, care Kelly.

jsi said...

Zrbertz are the best, especially from daddy.
Gorgeous pics.
Leftovers are the best!