Friday, October 17, 2008

No need to wipe my butt with it

After four coats of paint, the rockin' mirror I got on uber clearance is finally worth hanging on the wall, which I did this morning while Allison inspected the drill bit box.

First I handpainted it black. And despite all the time and effort it took, the end result looked like garbage because I could see all the tiny crevasses I had missed. So I used painters tape and newspaper to cover the mirror and went to the craft store for some spray paint.

Then I got inspired by a can of muted silver.

When Jerry came home, it was resting on the living room table in all its glimmery glory. As he walked past to the stairs, he blurted one comment without even so much as a pause in his stride.


Apparently he wasn't a fan of the new shade.

And dammit, neither was I if I really scrutinized it.

After another trip to the hardware store for a can of black, I tried once again. Then this amazing thing happened. When I sprayed it on lightly, portions of the silver still came through, giving it some depth, a touch of shine and, well, PERFECTION.

Its like the mirror was overworked and tired and hadn't given itself enough attention over the years because it's tough making sure everyone else looks good all the time, ya know? And then after Oprah got wind of the mirror's touching story, she gave it a whole segment on a makeover show and WOAH! STAND BACK! Who even bothers to look at their reflection now? THEY JUST WANT TO STARE AT THE GORGEOUS MIRROR.





julie said...

Very nice!!

theedithr said...

Lovely! I like it a lot. I actually tried to find the same mirror at our local Michaels and had no luck. Good call Kelly!

Randall said...

Love, love, love it!

Wendy said...

You are right. It is perfection!

Ray said...

Wow! It is PERFECTION! I don't know how you did it though with the repainting. I'd think that, that would mess it up. Apparently I'm wrong. Good job! ;o)

Amanda said...

AYYYYYYY! I love the mirror. And since I went with you, I'm takng credit for the perfection.

Jaclyn said...

You're so crafty I could spit!! That looks AMAZING!!! I USED to be crafty and artsy, but over the years have lost it. I'm just now getting back into it, starting by doing a scrapbook for Piggy's first year. So far, so good!!

Anonymous said...


Heidi said...

please decorate my house! lol ur so good at it :)

grace said...

wow kelly that looks like something i'd see out of a house and home magazine!!!

Ana said...

I was looking at the picture of Alli and then I scrolled down to the "After" picture and I just went "OOH!" and everyone around me turned and gave me a weird stare.
Needless to say, me gusta mucho!

sophistikated-love said...

i remember reading your blog on xanga =) its good to see you are still blogging!

bronxbombette said...

You need to come to my dorm and help me make my roommate's side of the dorm fabulous. I love the mirror!

Kristin said...

It's very nice.
I personally think it looked nice when it was bronze, though =P


jsi said...

I like it a lot. It was a very nice choice, and worth the extra effort.
Very nice.

the plainsman said...

cool how the silver pigment particles worked their way though into the black - that might not have happened if you waited a day or so between coats - or used a second paint with a different solvent - have to remember that trick!