Thursday, November 27, 2008

10 things I am thankful for this year

  1. The fact that groundhogs are hibernating right now.
  2. Officials at eBay for being awesome.
  3. Buy-one, get-one-free deals at the grocery store.
  4. Grandma Ople's Apple Pie recipe.
  5. Not having to recover from childbirth this Thanksgiving.
  6. Toby for being the best footwarmer ever.
  7. Deodorant. (Forget to put it on one day and you'll remember why you love it.)
  8. Jerry for walking around in a sleep-induced coma with his pajama pants around his knees after going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and collapsing back into bed with his bare ass in the air.
  9. The batteries for dying in at least three of Allison's obnoxious toys.
  10. Oh yeah, and my wonderful family who loves me despite my quirks and foul mouth, my friends who let me vent and tell me everything's going to be alright, my amazing husband who shows me every day what love is, and my daughter who is the only living being I would clean up that much poop for.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Ray said...


I love #5, #8 and #10 from your list! Awesome. Question: Are you going to be making Grandma Ople's Apple Pie for Thanksgiving? If so yum! ;o)

I guess I'd have to say I'm thankful for having a roof over my head and for that Thanksgiving feast coming later on today! Yes I know I'm so original (NOT)! =P

Take, care Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Kelly! I hope it is a wonderful day for all. Thanks for your great posts each day.
Best wishes, *g

Jaclyn said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Kel!!
I especially love the "bare ass in the air" part.

Mike said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kelly!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful day.

Thank you for continuing to bring smiles to my face.

the :o) plainsman said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and to all here as well.
:o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o)

NatalieDeltaGam said...

now THAT's a good thanksgiving list. have a fabulous meal and eat some apple pie for me!

Kristin said...

happy thanksgiving to you, too!
I'm personally thankful for my homemade-tofurkey coming out decent this year =P


Chelsea said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I think you were going for "hibernating."

Yay Thanksgiving!!

julia said...

#8, thats love. ha.