Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We took a ton of photos during Allison's birthday party, but the ones I love most are the cake pictures. So, I've decided to dedicate an entire post to the sweet stuff.

My family has a "cake guy." He has helped us celebrate many things
over the years. And for many generations. We won't let him retire.

Dad! FINALLY! Bring on the cake!

I think I'm more excited than she is. She squished it between
her fingers for a good few minutes before ever taking a bite.

But once she did?


She shared her bounty with Toby.

Once cake turns to a semi-liquid, it permeates every surface.

I was proud. We should've put a tarp under her highchair.
The next day, I found splats of frosting all over the walls.

The birthday girl definitely earned her bath that night.

If you watch closely, Jerry totally steals a bite.


Timberly said...

Did you have 2 cakes? One for Alli, and one for everyone else?

Alexa said...

UGH, HOW FUN! I can't wait for Blair's first birthday. I think I am going to strip him down to his diaper, put him on a tarp and put the cake in front of him, so fun!!

Diane said...


And, great idea about getting Alli her own cake! I will have to remember that for Maya.

Cate said...

SHE IS SO CUTE!!!! She always looks so happy.

Also, what beautiful cakes.

erica said...

adorable! And yes, 2 cakes is brilliant

Sarah said...

The video was great! i laughed and cried (silly mommy emotions). Looks like a great time! I want to see more pictures :)

Jennifer Suarez said...

I'm surprised how many people didn't realize you NEED 2 cakes. How else can you let your little one dive in?? We always did the 2 cake deal, its SO much more fun that way. (A slice of cake just doesn't do it justice)

I'm glad to see you handed off the camera for a least a few minutes and got a chance to be in her special photos. Good for you!

Happy bday again Alli!

Rachel said...

she is too cute! My daughter also had the flailing arms and managed to "smack out" her candle. Luckily there was no harm done. And you have to love the sticky post-cake baby. I'm so glad everything went so well!

Anonymous said...

i wish a group of people yelled and cheered for me when i ate cake.

Gisela said...

dude!!! your daughter's a comedian!

chelsea said...

Cute idea with the 2 cakes! Alli is adorable and cannot wait for the rest of the photos!

Ray said...

Allison's first birthday cake was so adorable! Awww! I love the fact that you had two cakes; one for her to play with as she pleased. Very cool. That second photo of Allison with her hands up in the air, with excitement waiting for the cake is too cute!

Also, it was great to see the video and hear everyone's excitement as Allison dug into that cake. What a great birthday. =D

grace said...

lol it sorta looked like she was reading braille on that cake LOL
now i wonder how she unwrapped her presents hahahaha

happy bday allie!!

Haley said...

LOL! I love it when babies start hamming it up.

Anonymous said...

I think my favorite was listening to how happy everyone was just to be with Alli on her day. The laughter is amazing. Cake was beautiful but Allie was the best!

lisserdawn said...

Oh that is just too cute!! I LOVE the video!!

Kristin said...

you have such a happy baby =]]
or you know, a happy big girl =P


the plainsman said...

Love the first photo of her "Bring on the cake" and good to see how important it is for her to share with her best bud Toby. It all worked out, as someone mentioned above, the happy sounds alone are proof enough! And you have photos, video! But most importantly, the memories of the day will last a lifetime. Great job, Kelly.