Friday, November 21, 2008

I have a ridiculous amount of pictures so you're going to just have to deal with it

Of course we had to decorate the white board, but the
magnets are busy holding up a flu shot clinic reminder.

Someone wasn't very happy when I took this away.

The kids' craft table was a huge hit.

The girls got pink sparkly hats and the guys got doorknob signs
to decorate with peel-and-stick foam shapes and letters.

Allison didn't quite get the concept of opening gifts,
but the big kids were MORE than willing to help her out.

I was in a swarm of tiny little hands.

Allison's favorite gift was from Jerry's mom.

A tiny wooden sled that she sits in constantly. I keep telling her,

Closing out the night at the hospital, which honestly wasn't
as bad as it sounds other than the reason we were there.


Kat said...

Love the white board post but where are the magnets? ;o)

jsi said...

Happy birthday!
We had that same sled for ours, TY getting it when he turned 1 (an October birthday is always heavy laden with winter gifts!) We used it for all four. But we got the most use out of it when using it with Ty...we were in Seminary and he was 1. We were walking to class with books and projects and going across campus to get Ty for lunch and all. The sled was a multi-purpose vehicle, and he had no idea how much we used it.

I was sad to see it go, but excited that we were trading up for sleds to zoom downhill, headfirst belly-flop, break neck speedsters.

Great pictures of a happy-go-fun-day!

Randall said...

Looks like a fun time - happy birthday Allison!

Sarah said...

Yes, I agree, where are the magnets for the whiteboard?

And I love the picture with all the little hands on Allison's toy!

Great idea for the craft table as well!

erica said...

Awww, I had a wooden sled when I was little too. She looks so happy sitting in that thing! Hilarious! I bet she'll love sledding! Looks like everything turned out great (outside of the hospital visit) but I'm glad all your work was paid off.

Gisela said...

dude, that outfit is beyond adorable.

the plainsman said...


Ridiculous !!!

Hee-hee, Gotcha!

Great sled, love the wood-type toys. Glad all turned out well with the health issues, too.

Rachel said...

Wow, a sled! Nobody has sleds in Houston. We just turn on our air conditioners in the winter and pretend it's cold.

Kristin said...

don't worry.
you can post as many pictures as you want.
we have nothing against pictures.
especially of allison =]]]


LeslieAnn said...

Really? R-e-diculous? Joke? Lack of caffeine? In a hurry? ;) When I'm typing quickly I have a hard time with bicycle, received and you're/your.

Mistress said...

Those are great--pfft, not enough! :) I love your photos, they're amazing!

Marina said...

Only because you're a journalist, I feel the need to go all grammar nazi on you and point out that it's actually spelled "ridiculous" (in your title). Sorry, I don't mean to be obnoxious. =/

Marina said...

Oops, looks like I should've read through all the comments first...

Either way, happy birthday to allison, and yay for you being able to sleep in a little finally... :)

Ray said...

ME? Mind dealing with never ending photos???? NEVER! Bring em' Kelly! =P

Smart idea with the craft table. Anything to keep the kids busy. I love Allison's heart jumper dress. Too cute. And that little sled is adorable! I cannot wait till you take her out on the snow with that and take lots of photos (*hint again* take lots of photos)! Hehe. I also can't wait to see/read about her reaction as well. =D

Ray said...

To everyone commenting on Kelly's title, "I think she was just being silly. Even journalists are allowed to do that." =P

To Kelly: I hope your grandmother's doing better! <3

novelle360 said...

Nope. Totally screwed up the spelling.

And I'm going to blame the four hours of sleep I got because my mom and grandma are back in New York.

the plainsman said...

FOUR HOURS of sleep! Don't you know that "they say" too much sleep is not good for you! LOL.

Actually I thought it could have been a subtle, done for effect measure, as "Ray" suggested, but the door was too wide open for me to not jump on it in good fun.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLISON!! (Yep, I'm late with the birthday wishes....oops). She looks so cute!