Sunday, November 30, 2008


While he was complaining about feeling bloated and irritable:
"I think I have my period. Only there's no blood coming out of my gash."

Discussing junkmail with my stepdad:
"I never throw it away without opening it. Because I might be a winner."

After I freaked out about the price of a medium popcorn and drink at the movie theater:
"If this was a first date, this is when I'd excuse myself to go to the bathroom ... and not come back."


Anonymous said...

Movie theater prices are beyond ridiculous! I don't blame him for saying that!

the plainsman said...

Hey! You both got out to see a movie!

Anonymous said...

Haha when me and my boyfriend go to the movies we stop at a gas station or the dollar store beforehand and I remember to bring a big purse. For tickets, a drink to share, and popcorn it's almost $35... crazy!

Ray said...

I LOVE all 3 of those Jerryisms! As always Jerry never ceases to disappoint! =D I agree with you though on the prices at the concession stand at the theater. Things just keep getting overpriced. Nothing will ever go down; it'll just continue to increase.

Ray said...

ALSO: LOL! I agree with the anonymous commenter above me (well for the candy at least...the soda and popcorn I'll buy there)! I do the same as well! I mean why let the movie business rob you! =P

Melissa said...

Bwahahaha #3 cracks me up!!

Kristin said...

I feel the same way about the junkmail =P