Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just wrote something I decided to save for my next column, so please enjoy EVEN MORE PHOTOS

So I found this ridiculously adorable dress at Baby Gap and decided I should probably get professional portraits taken of Allison at least once before she's old enough to get mad about it and throw a fit.

I'm not sure what I expected, but the price of some of the packages were so staggering, it was tough not to immediately quit my job, invest in some light stands and transform my finished third floor into a studio.

Instead I'll probably just keep going back once a year.

Because despite all the hassle of wriggling Allison into tights and ironing an itty-bitty dress, I can't wait to pick up the pictures we purchased in a few weeks. Here are the six shots she stayed still long enough to capture:







And to think the photographer suggested a muti-colored pastel background. I'm surprised I refrained from vomiting all over it.


Wallaby75 said...

Alli is just TOOO cute. I just picked up the ones I had done of my two stinkers. And yes, I went with the plain black too. Pastel? Blerch!

Jaclyn said...

Too precious!! I LOVE the dress!!!
Katelyn's best shots were the ones done on the black background, too.

Anonymous said...

Those are really nice! Where did you get them done? I usually go to Portrait Innovations. If you have one near you definitely check it out! They do a great job and print your pictures right away. It's nice to go in and leave with your pictures after about an hour.

Randall said...

So darling - definitely worth the tight wiggling and the price!

the plainsman said...


Anonymous said...

Kelly, she looks adorable! Love the dress. She really has personality going on in these pics! Thanks for sharing. Hope things are well on your end.

cafechick80 said...

OMG So adorable. Photographers always want to do light backgrounds for kids, and I think those pictures are amazing. Good job!

Ray said...

Your daughter is ADORABLE! Cute dress! Love all the photos, especially the one of her lying down. So nice to see a baby happy all the time. And YAY for not going with the multi-colored background! What was that photographer thinking? Didn't he/she think that the polka dots on Allison's dress was color enough?! Hehe. Enjoy the photos.

Though you turning your third floor into a studio doesn't sound bad at all! =) There's so much money in photography. I hope to buy a professional camera one day(I got my eye on the Nikon D3), practice and become a great photographer! As always though, "One day!" =D

Melissa said...

Oh those are just precious!!

Ray said...

Also for Allison's next portrait (whenever that is) you should check out this place: .

They took my little cousin Alyssa (I'm pretty sure they took her here, I'd have to ask) there and they dressed her up as and angel and a fairy. She came out absolutely adorable with a white background dressed as an angel. In the other background it was flowers and greenery, where she was dressed up as a fairy.

Just a thought! ;o)

Sarah said...

Those are perfect!
Great dress, too!!
I love the first much personality!

Anonymous said...


Love the pics. I asked mary ann to go in Hannah's closet and look at the dress we bought her for her baby naming and she said oh my gosh Alison has the same dress on in her new photos. lol I love we have the same taste. Can't wait to see you all over Thanksgiving. I hope anyway. Love ya, Jaime

Hannah said...

What adorable pictures! I love the dress! Too cute.

Kristin said...

I heart the first one.
so adorable!


jsi said...

She isn't happy at all, is she?!.
She has a FABULOUS smile and you found a very cute dress.

Plain black all the way, avoid the pastel!

Chelsea said...

Adorable! It was so worth it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. Way too cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, Kelly. You're little girl is quite possibly the cutest things I've ever seen. I suggest putting that little girl in a cutest baby contest because I'm almost positive she'd bring home the gold, the silver, AND the bronze.


Jessica said...

So, cute! I LOVE that dress! I dare say I'd wear it if they made it in my size. :)