Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We'll just call it the spite chair

It just keeps getting better.

Remember how I ordered Allison's birthday present from eBay? And even though I paid for it more than three weeks before the big day I found myself hoping above all hopes that the damn thing would arrive on our porch in the middle of her party?

The gift was an overstuffed little kid's chair. Since Alli loves playing with pillows, I figured crawling around on a soft chair would be the pinnacle of entertainment for her. Not to mention it would be something she could use for years to come while reading books, watching movies or just hanging out in her room.

Eventually I came around to the fact that it wasn't going to arrive on time, but the biggest disappointment was that I wouldn't have pictures of her sitting on the chair opening her presents. I had wanted to make it a birthday tradition for as long as her little butt fit into it.

The chair comes in two parts at Pottery Barn Kids -- a slipcover in a variety of fun colors and patterns and inserts to fill it. I had my mom pick up the cover at the store, but decided to save a few bucks on the insert and order on eBay. I picked a reputable dealer, or so I thought, who had 100 percent positive feedback.

The package arrived four days late, but I was thrilled when I saw it. It came just in time for Allison's nap, so I put her in bed and got to work assembling it.

But when I opened the package, it contained four pieces of raw foam. No cotton cover. No contouring and labeling like the illustration on my slipcover directions showed. No tags. Nothing that even remotely looked passable as a Pottery Barn product.

Bitch played me.

And dozens of others who didn't know any better apparently.

I could've bought this foam for 8 bucks at a craft store. Instead I paid $66 from someone who didn't think I'd notice the difference. And I waited all that time. And I was furious.

Every time I passed the chair for the next few days, I flipped it off. I have officially declared my hatred for the entire state of Texas because the seller lives there. And I even went so far as saying I'd like to take a jackhammer to her entire fake invantory.

The only bright spot? I got to leave my first-ever negative feedback. In all caps. Warning other potential buyers that the product is not as described.

And you know what?

Ever since I've gotten delightfully nasty hatemail from the seller.

Because eBay suspended her.

And suddenly the chair is a little more tolerable.


Ray said...

"Bitch played me." << I didn't expect to read that from you. HAHA! =D

WOW! I cannot believe someone would have the audacity to send you junk like that compared to how you described the "real" Pottery Barn kid’s chair. I'm so sorry that happened to you! And I don't know how you sent negative feedback for everyone to see though....I thought they made a new feature where you could leave negative feedback but others couldn't see, so as not to hurt the seller's chances at selling. So that's news to me, but good for you for writing down the truth. Good for Ebay as well for shutting down a deceitful liar like her!

Take, care Kelly.

P.S. Are you getting your money back???? You should contact an Ebay representative because that's really unfair what happened to you.

Shal said...

Don't hate ppl from Texas! There are a few good apples left there! :)

Sorry that you had a sucky experience on Ebay, glad that bitch got her due!

But hey.. you have a story! So that's good!

Post pics once you get the chair to the way you want it!

Its_just_ang said...

That sucks, but go you!! That's great that they suspended her, even though it was at a shitty cost to you. People always get what they deserve, and it looks like it was just a matter of time for her.

Chelsea said...

If EBay suspended her then you should have a good chance getting your money back! All that positive feedback was probably from her family lol.

the plainsman said...

Now I understand the reason you wanted that chair to arrive on time in the first place; but sometimes the unplanned events on birthdays can be come traditions too. Sorry you had the bad experience on eBay, have had hundreds of transactions over the years with only 4 or so negatives, however, I am buying vintage items and parts, have more knowledge than most sellers and am not shopping for lowest prices on current items. Jerks like that ruin it for everyone. Good you followed through, though, and did not let them get away with it.

the plainsman again said...

Actually, what that seller did constitutes fraud, you might want to file a compaint with the DA's office in their city or county; nothing will come from it, but it starts a file on them that may be useful to law enforcement down the road.

Laura said...

Hey hey hey, I resent the Texas implication. Don't hate me for what she did.

Plz tell me you are getting your money back! Thats horrible :(

Nikki said...

Wow! Suspended?! Well that's what she gets! You should get a refund...

Marcy said...

If you paid by credit card you may be able to get a refund from them, they usually have a program to guarantee all purchases and if there's any fraud (which is what this seller did) they'll often reimburse you the cost.

Otherwise, you definitely should try talking to Ebay to see if they'll do anything for you.

That's ridiculous that sellers can hide negative feedback... Maybe it's to protect against spiteful people who leave unwarranted negative feedback, but it seems that would happen less than when people are genuinely disappointed in the product.

Jennifer Suarez said...

I used to buy from ebay a lot. But after being played a couple of times I've backed off. I just don't trust anyone on there any more.

I'm sorry you had to wait forever just to get a fake product. Regardless... does Allison like the chair?

We got the same thing for my daughter when she was Alli's age. This is the real thing from pottery barn kids: (although from about 4 years ago)

Photos here if you want to compare.

For the record I thought the real foam was pretty cheesy too.

Tiffany said...

Please tell me you're going to get your money back?

Hannah said...

I think this seller deserves to never sell on Ebay again because...

1. she played you or as you said, "Bitch played me."

2. she ruined the state of Texas for you. Yeah, we've got some weirdos down here but most of us are pretty cool. :)

Anonymous said...

While Ebay is great most of the time the few sellers I have run into like the whore who sold you the fake chair almost makes it not worth it.

If you paid by Paypal I would report it to them as well.

The bitch who played you must go down :-)

Anonymous said...

Please post the hatemail!

Anonymous said...

Did that chair come from Crawford? Bush sunk really low this time...

Kristin said...

that blows =[
at least you got back at her, though =P


The Pilgrim Plainsman said...