Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why do I always want to make a reference to Bill Cosby's Picture Pages every time I post photos?

Allison decided she was big enough to pack herself for our
Thanksgiving trip to New York. When I got out her suitcase,
she started cramming all of her stuffed animals in it.

On Thanksgiving, she got to open her birthday present her
great grandma made -- a Steelers hoodie and matching hat.

Although the wrapping paper also made a nice hat.
Can you tell this is post-pumpkin pie?

Later that night, Courtney and Matt came over with
oh-so-adorable Jackson, who is now 4 months old.

Not only did I get some smiles, I also got to hear his first laugh.

I know. He's totally perfect.

Sometime over the weekend, we pulled out my old rocking horse.

Then we adopted a turtle. Just kidding. We went to the zoo.

And this bird was probably thankful it's not a turkey.

Aw. Happy family posing near a rhino.

A crapping rhino. ... You're welcome.

Allison loved the otter exhibit.

And I have no idea who these people are, but the seals were
really frisky. They were jumping out of the water and doing flips.

Years from now, I will tell Allison that her mere existence convinced
her grandmother to go to a zoo. For the first time in decades.
The woman WHO HATES ANIMALS and THEIR mere existence.

And on the last day, Alli got her first hair cut. For 11 bucks.
It took all of four minutes. But, whatever, it's a rite of passage.

She was surprisingly cooperative.


Anonymous said...

we had such a great time seeing you this weekend!!! we love you guys so much!
loffe us

Jaclyn said...

Oh, what a good girl to sit so still for her weave-tightening. =)
Katelyn got a few stray hairs in her "comb forward" clipped because they were getting in her eyes. I don't consider it a TRUE 'hair cut' since it was maybe half a dozen hairs. But my mom (who's a barber and the one that did it) said she did well. I was at a meeting, so I missed it. Maybe THAT'S why I don't consider it a 'true haircut'. =)
Glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving!!!

Oh, and where'd you get Alli's stocking cap?? We need a velcro one for Katelyn and I can't find one...

Sarah said...

Love that picture with Allison and the suitcase of stuffed animals!
Jackson's rosy cheeks are adorable.

..and I can't believe she already got her first hair cut!!

LeslieAnn said...

Aww, such fun photos! I love your picture posts. My niece is going on 4 and has still never had her hair cut. But she has a massive head of beautiful blonde curls so we'd be sad if they were gone. :) That Jackson is one cute, cute baby.

Amanda said...

Love the pix! Between Alli and Jackson, I'm in baby-pix heaven. I can't believe she got her first haircut!

Anonymous said...

I looooove baby Jackson. I would love to smooch those rosy cheeks!

And Alli is cute as ever!!

Anonymous said...

Alli is so, so cute. :-D First haircut already, wow. :-D

And that picture of Jackson looks like it was painted by Norman Rockwell. *.*

Ray said...

That first photo of Allison in that suitcase is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! So sweet that she wanted to take her friends with her to grandma's house! And what a sweet gift from great grandma. I'm sure Jerry's always proud to see Allison supporting his favorite team. That shot with you guys at the zoo is great. I love Allison's pink joker hat, too cute. Can't believe she already got her first hair cut! Though they should have only charged you $5.00, I mean it's only a few baby strands! I hope you saved some of those precious baby locks to keep for memories.

Take, care.

Ray said...

OH: and I love that photo of Allison having fun on YOUR old rocking horse. That is so AWESOME that your mom still kept it! I love when people are sentimental like that. That's how I'd be. ^o^