Friday, December 26, 2008

Even eventual vindication is gratifying

I couldn't post these until today because some of them went out to relatives as Christmas presents, but here are the second set of pictures from our portrait studio trip.

Even though Allison's little butt barely fit in it, Jerry loved the one in the wooden cart so much that he ordered one to put on his nightstand. And a week later, as I was standing in line to buy a frame for it, I realized the teen boy behind me was doing poorly at stifling a giggle.

"What?" his girlfriend asked.

He kept laughing.

"WHAT? Seriously, what?"

When I went to grab my purse to dig out my wallet, I saw the folder with Allison's photos were in view. And peeking out the top was her crazy face in that cart photo.

Dude was laughing at my daughter's picture.

Part of me wanted to throw a curse on his unborn children, but it's not their fault their father was a douche bag when he was younger. Besides, I know he'll get it the first time he takes them to a portrait studio and tries to get them to sit, stay and smile.

And at that moment, I can bet an unexplainable warm fuzzy feeling will wash over me.















Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

So darling - I just love that plaid dress and the big ol' smile!

Ray said...

You're right that guy is a douchebag! Allison is beyond adorable. He's just jealous. Ha! Lovely Christmas photos. I love the last photo of Allison lying down; that smile is adorable. Her with the teddy bear is cute. And in that first photo of her holding the book, I love that adorable look she has like she's saying, "Yeah I can read!" Too cute. Nice Christmas present to the family indeed. =o)

Karen said...

I love that devious little look of the one with the book. She's too adorable!

sarahhh said...

i love the one where shes holding the book and looking over her shoulder.

Shal said...

Awww she is so adorable in ALL the pictures! I do like the wagon one.. it's CUTE!!!

Janice said...

oh my gosh, she is all smiles. Those photos are ridiculously adorable. More soon please!

And yeah, that guy is a douche. He'll get what's coming to him. Just smile at the thought. Allison is.

Melissa said...

I don't really get what that guy thought was funny about the cart pic. I mean, its cute as can be...but funny? Yeah, no. Anyway, the pics are precious and Allison couldn't be any cuter if she tried!!!

Jaclyn said...

They all turned out WONDERFULLY. But my favorite one is the first one of her lying down; she's on her front, but her head's lifted. Too precious.
Glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas!!

Timberly said...


the plainsman said...

Never know what he was really laughing about. Maybe her head was just peeking out of the pack and it looked humorous. Maybe he has never been around little kids, either, thus speaking of his own immaturity. Or yes, maybe he was a jerk and that girlfriend better be taking notes!

I think that they are great photos and the wagon one is perfect for a table or desk view.