Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fa, la, la, la, la ... la, la, la, la

Busy coupon-clipping, driving, parking, pondering, shopping, buying, carting, de-tagging, cutting, wrapping, taping, baking, mailing and all that other festive crap.


the Plainsman said...

YOU are SO funny!

Next we hear you and your family will be celebrating "Festivus" instead.

Ray said...

Doing all that to make my Christmas special? Awwww, Kelly you shouldn't have! LOL! Good luck with all that you have to do. And please post photos (when you get the chance) of all those goodies you'll be baking. After that beautiful apple pie you made, I have to see more. =o)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you could write a whole ENTRY about parking/parking lots. I hate them!!!