Thursday, December 4, 2008

Worthy of a World's Greatest Grocery Shopper mug

I may frame this.


Anonymous said...

wow!!! you are a pro! I shopped at pathmark a few days ago and spent $80 and saved $20! I was so proud of myself! but you spent less than $100 and saved $50! Thats insane and I applaud you!!!


Timberly said...

I'm so proud of you.

Ray said...

LOL! You are hilarious. =D Good job though! Times like these you need all the savings you can get.

Anonymous said...

Rock on Kelly!!

sarahhh said...

a wild card...hmm.

do share your secrets. it was a few weeks ago that i clipped coupons and saved like 8 bucks. i shop at the super savey food in bins store so they have no wild cards. i am always aiming under $80 a week. The best yet was $70.

that receipt is totally frame worthy!

Sarah said...

That is worthy of a mug!
And I agree, share the secrets!

the plainsman said...


Anonymous said...

The other day we went shopping and bought only the BOGO items, so our 'total saved' EQUALED our total spent...we felt like we had TOTALLY one-upped the man! Next time throw in a couple coupons too, and watch the savings grow! And remember...its not being cheap, its being SAVVY!

novelle360 said...

Yep, Christy! That's the secret! Buy-one, get-one deals. Man, I clean house!

Miss you guys. Give Jeff a squeeze for me!