Sunday, December 14, 2008

If you don't have any tissues, I've got ya covered

When we were finally able to decorate our tree, Allison wasn't
anywhere near as enamored with it as I thought she would be. In fact,
I had to coax her over to inspect it at all. She was like, "A tree? In our
living room? What's the big deal? There's TONS of them outside."

She was far more interested in the gigantic mess we were making in the
living room. Specifically the ornaments. More specifically the boxes,
tissue paper and bubble wrap they were stored in. Here, I'm handing
here the "Allison" ornament Jerry and I got her last year. She broke it
in less than two minutes. Apparently the bell is much better on its own.

Toby must've had a rough day. I mean with all of the lap-sitting and
nap-taking to be done. And then to do it all over again the next day?
Absolutely exhausting. No wonder he found a soft spot and passed out.

Here's me. Taking an extra box of tissues to the downstairs bathroom.
Because nothing says "GRAB A CAMERA AND CAPTURE THIS
MOMENT!" quite like Kleenex brand does. Well, to Jerry anyway.

We eventually enlisted Allison's help hanging ornaments. Even
though she's is MUCH better at taking them down. And eating them.
This picture is absolutely amazing to me.

Because this is what she looked like one year ago. Amazing.


Jaclyn said...

I love the pictures. Especially the one of Jerry holding her up to the tree.
It's hard to believe how tiny our girls were this time last year!! I have a picture of Katy on my phone that was taken a year ago yesterday...when she was less than two months old.
Time flies!!!

Chelsea said...

Wow, that is amazing! Your tree looks beautiful! A lot better than my fake one!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Everything looks lovely! And the "this time last year" photo comparison is amazing!

Janice said...

Aww you should take one like that every year. That's truly amazing! She's adorable.

Anonymous said...

woooof. you're really ugly!

Joanna said...

OH come on anonymous. Who are you to read someones blog and then say how ugly they are?

First of all, it's entirely untrue. Kelly is an extremely attractive woman. Secondly, grow a pair and identify yoruself if those are your true feelings. Who do you think you are, trolling a woman's blog and telling her she's ugly? Fuck off, Scrooge.

Christina said...

Toby & Alli. SO CUTE! She's growing up so fast! :o)

sarahhhhh said...

no way! that's an amazing picture of how tiny baby was last yr. aww.

what a blessing.

and... i wanted to tell you how awesome your haircut is, and i will especially say how AWESOME your hair is after that rude jerk anonymous posted. GOSH.

my hair is so long right now. it's driving me insane. i want to chop it off as short as yours, but i have my wedding in June. is there some rule about long hair and brides? because i think there is. (otherwise i woulda chopped it by now)

Ray said...

Great photos as always! I LOVE your guys tree! All those lights are awesome. Allison's, "I Love Santa" shirt is adorable! I love how you have shirts for her for every occasion. It's too cute. =D And, "Wow" it's crazy to see a Christmas photo from last December of Allison to this December! She's gotten so big SO FAST! Time flys.

erica said...

I can't believe how much she's changed! You have a beautiful family and I hope you guys have a great Christmas

Lioncloud said...

She will really enjoy Christmas morning when she can roll around in mass quantities of wrapping paper and ribbons.

the plainsman said...

Incredible photo, Kelly, of Jerry holding Allision placing a final ornament.

And the one of Toby is one of the nicest I've seen of him lately. And dad Jerry up on the ladder finishing the beautiful tree while everybody else "looks on" is cool, and so true.

LMAO, "Kleenex, We're A Part of Your Life" ad campaign -- Jerry is a 24/7 pitch-man! And what good mom does not have them at the ready!

Anonymous said...

This was such a beautiful post!

LeslieAnn said...

I second Joanna. Go be horrible to someone else Anonymous No. 1. Like your mother. She's probably the only one who can stand you.

Rae Davis said...

The wee one is precious - such wonderful memories you are creating. Can't wait to see the comparison photos next Christmas season!

Rae Davis said...
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