Tuesday, December 30, 2008


After Allison snuck an apple out of the fridge while we were loading in groceries and secretly ate nearly the entire thing while we finished:
"Let's face it, we're lucky she hasn't eaten Toby yet."

While watching a commercial for an online dating service where a woman riding a horse professes she's "Just a goof waiting for her ball":
"More like BALLS."

When I got upset watching our garbage men take turns punching the guy on the box our new TV came in:
"They're just breaking up the monotony of their morning. They haul trash for a living and you're looking to them to be the moral compass of society?"


Ray said...

Hahaha! I loved the 1st and last Jerryism. Allison sure is sneaky. =o)

Jaclyn said...

I hope that tv was for your bedroom or the bathroom or something and not to replace the mammoth-screen Jerry talked you into getting a while back...

Anonymous said...

i totally thought the same exact thing when i saw that online dating commercial.

Gisela said...

i left the comment above

Kristin said...

gotta love 'em =P


The Plainsman said...

Gotta hope Allison keeps those healthy eating habbits her whole life, eh?

Garbage men breaking up the monotony of the day? Who do they work for? Here, the one man follows the truck running from stop to stop.

Anonymous said...

You really care what the trashmen do to your garbage???? You are one uptight lady !! Unbelievable.