Friday, December 19, 2008

Letter leftovers

Well, it's fair to say this new feature is off to a roaring start. I had great intentions of doing a post like this for month 12, but with my grandma in the hospital, it just didn't happen. And this month's leftovers would be growing mold in the fridge if they were edible. I BLAME THE HOLIDAY SEASON.

Alli, I really struggled whether to pick this photo or the other one
of you reading in your sled. We haven't had a chance to actually use
it outside yet, but you could spend hours in it. Every morning you
grab a book and sit and read, freeing me to do very important stuff.
Like watch an episode of "Ugly Betty" and free up space on our DVR.

You also love your f&@#ing birthday chair. I would've been
suicidal if you hadn't. Thank you for being so accommodating.

Your father is getting pretty good at dressing you for Sunday school.

I don't know who is more proud of your walking skills -- you or me.

When you take time out of your busy schedule to put down your toys
and come over and fling your little arms around my neck, I can
tell you it is honestly the best feeling in the entire universe.

Bear? Check. Bunny? Check. Bottle? Check. ... Bed.

I want you to know that I love you enough to post a horrible picture
of myself in my bathrobe pre-shower. I figure if you're going to be
half-naked, it's the least I can do, right? Anyway, sometime this month
you started clapping when I sing, "If you're happy and you know it ..."
I nearly jumped through the ceiling I was so stunned. You're brilliant.

  • Your saying "Go, go, go" has morphed into "No, no, no." Your response to everything is "no," and I can't tell whether you just enjoy the sound or if you really mean and comprehend it. I'm confused as to how you picked it up because Dad and I try really hard to say other things instead of continually uttering it. Like, "Come here please" instead of "No, don't touch that." Or, "Be gentle with Toby" instead of "No, don't yank Toby's ears off." I can't wait for the next word. Let's shoot for "Absolutely."

  • About a week ago, I pulled out the wrapping paper for all our Christmas gifts and you showed interest in all of it. What's not to like? Crinkly tissue paper, gigantic toilet paper rolls filled with colorful prints, tape and scissors. To distract you, I gave you the cardboard tube when I finished a roll of wrapping paper and showed you how to talk through it. You were so taken by the sounds I was making, but when I held it up to your mouth for you to try, you just giggled. The concept was just too funny for you to form your lips into anything other than a laugh. But a few days later, I heard a funny little noise coming from the next room. Sure enough, when I peeked in, you were sitting on the floor holding the tube to your mouth making all sorts of sounds. Now you carry that tube everywhere.

  • You really started to be able to make correlations this month. You know to look for the missing pieces to a toy set if they're not all in one place. Which is a little daunting of a task because your plastic crap is EVERYWHERE. It's like dog hair. Random parts make their way under the bed, in between couch cushions and seemingly everywhere I step when I come home in the middle of the night and try to walk down the upstairs hallway in the dark. Fortunately, you are just as good as reuniting toys as you are scattering them. The Little People car set you have relied on the baby to do all the driving until you found the Mommy wedged between Scrabble and Monopoly. Hey, even grown ups need play breaks once in awhile.


sarahhh said...

haha, awesome.

i love her bed and matching blanket! looks so cozy.


cnjweber said...

love the idea of not saying 'no' all the time but redirecting attention! i'm going to use that (someday). Also LOVE that you change the bedding w/ the seasons! Only you girl, only you!

love ya!

the plainsman said...

It is amazing how quickly she learns things, including skills that you thought passed her by, like talking into the tube which resurfaced a few days after showing her. The only thing is, bet she learns the dont's as quickly as the do's! LOL!

Ray said...

I love that photo of you and her cuddling. So cute that you two have matching colored shirts on. And I can't believe that she picked up on the, "making noise through the cardboard tube" so fast. It's amazing how quickly babies pick up on things. Allison rocks! =D

Also: The photo with Allison in her crib, "Is that the SAME blanket Allison was snuggling with last Christmas?" If so, "AWWWWWWWWW!" <3

P.S. Jerry ROCKS at dressing up Allison for Sunday school (what a pair they are in that photo. Loved both their outfits)! You taught him well! Hehe.

Kristin said...

yayy for leftovers.
I never want your letters to her to end.
I love 'em.


Chelsea said...

Love love love the photo of her with her bear and bunny!