Sunday, December 7, 2008

No wonder she hates oatmeal

On the weekends I work, Jerry makes a point to get up with Allison so I can catch up on my sleep. Although I typically wake to even her slightest whimpers, Saturday and Sunday mornings I do my best to block out the noises around me.

A few days of sleep deprivation and the comfort of knowing Jerry can handle it usually does the trick.

But this week, I got out of work a little earlier than usual on Friday night, so I felt rested and woke up on my own around 8 a.m. the next morning. I heard squeals of laughter coming from downstairs, so I decided to get up in the hopes of eating breakfast with the family.

When I got to the kitchen, it was empty. And the highchair was missing.

So I walked around to find Jerry sitting on the coffee table in the living room, Toby in his lap and Allison next to him in her highchair with "Sesame Street" blasting on our flatscreen while they ate.

"What's going on down here, huh?" I asked, laughing.

"Say, SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS, MOM!" Jerry said, tickling Allison, which earned a huge laugh.

I walked toward them to kiss everyone good morning and noticed she was eating an unidentifiable substance.

"What's on the menu?" I asked.

"Um, well, Nilla Wafers. ... But only temporarily! Waffles are in the toaster."


"Just ONE! It was a quick fix. The box was next to the toaster."

"How about the banana sitting on the other side?"

And, I swear, as it left my mouth, the two of them shot me an identical look. Then Jerry said what they both were thinking:



Ray said...

Hehehe! JERRY'S A GREAT DAD! I mean Allison will have plenty of chances to like Oatmeal, but you have to admit those Nilla Wafers are good and there's no resisting a cookie in the morning while watching, "Sesame Street." LOL! =D

Marcy said...

This made me double over in laughter, partially b/c I totally could see this exact scenario playing out in our house. =P

Sarah said...

same for me as what Marcy said:)

The Plainsman said...

Looks like you are outnumbered!