Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our house smells so good that even our worst farts get lost in the pine

We went to cut down our own Christmas tree Sunday. The farm we
go to is absolutely amazing. It offers rides to and back from the fields.
On our way there, I started singing Jingle Bells to Alli, only I changed
the lyrics to "Oh what fun it is to ride in a two-horse open wagon."

I wish I could convey how bitterly bone-chilling cold it was.
When the wind hit, my teeth hurt. I was thankful I had wrapped Alli up
like the kid in "Christmas Story" when he couldn't put his arms down.

She didn't seem to mind, but we tried to be quick because of the weather
and settled on one of the first trees we came across that met our criteria:
Jerry has to struggle to touch the top. Normally we would've kept going
because it can't be that simple, right? Wrong. It's the best tree. Ever.

Alli was enamored with all of the stuff on the ground,
but couldn't. quite. get. at. it. STUPID MITTENS.

The trees always look small outside, but this one scrapes our ceiling.

Alli: Another picture? Seriously? How many days until my graduation?

Yes. I realize it appears Jerry is cutting the tree in the direction
that it would fall directly on our daughter. But don't call
Social Services just yet. I moved her. Honest.

Alli and I were MUCH happier once we got in the cabin next to the
fireplace. We even got an impromptu lunch of hot dogs and sauerkraut
after Jerry was done getting our tree shaken and bundled.

We tied the tree to the top of the car for the first time instead of shoving
it in the back and living with the pine needles that wander their way
into our butt cracks for the rest of the year. This time we were smart
and remembered to bring rope. But Jerry mistakenly tied all the doors
shut except one, so we had to crawl in through the front passenger side.

Before leaving, I ran back to take a picture of the horses and they
were so majestic and beautiful that I felt my heart flutter.

As usual, the outing warranted a nap for Little Miss.
She really is in there somewhere. Under all that pink.


jsi said...

Merry Christmas

He tied the doors shut - hilarious!
We went to the Christmas tree farm this weekend as well, during a mini blizzard. And the house smells terrifically of pine.

I love Christmas trees

Kristin said...

sounds fun =]


erica said...

aww. What a great tradition you guys have! That seems like fun!

gabrielina said...

Awww. I wish we had those places around here :<. We haven't even had a tree (not even fake) in so long that I can't remember. The holidays suck at my house. I can't wait to move out next year. I am going to go all out during the holidays. I am sure it'll get on my boyfriend's nerves but whatever! Haha.

Ray said...

Blog titles like that are the reasons why I love you! I love how you're so down to earth. It's great. =D

Great photos are always. Love the photo with all of you guys! It’s sweet. And Alli may get tired of all the photos, but one day she's going to THANK YOU for it! Hehe. I know it's not Christmas yet but I hope that: you, Jerry, Alli & Toby have a "MAGICAL CHRISTMAS!" So great that Alli's so much older now than her first Christmas (when she was only a month and a half) so you can enjoy it even more with her. =o)

Shal said...

you can barely see her face with all that pink! It's so cute! She must have loved it!

I miss the winter!!!

Jennifer Suarez said...

Alli is adorable! Lucky you guys didn't get the snow we got in Syracuse. We were supposed to get our tree yesterday.

NatalieDeltaGam said...

two things (first, though, you know my parents' own a christmas tree farm, right?)...anyway..
in one pic behind alli there is a display for 'santa's magic water spout'...we totally know the guy who invented that! (he's one of our friends and lives in the next town over...he doesn't grow xmas trees, but is a broker of them) and TWO i can't believe they don't tie it on the car for you! that shocks me. i've probably tied on over 1,000 trees in my lifetime and you only make the tie the door shut once mistake. suvs = great, mini vans with no rack = hell on earth.
glad y'all had fun and i love your tree!!

Anonymous said...

just fyi-I LOVE your blog and am an avid fan, but wanted to make you aware of something just in case you hadn't seen it. I'm a FTM too and had no clue about this until the carseat teach that installed our carseat told me.

Anyway, your blog!!

the plainsman said...

Hard to say which is my favorite, but those two of Allison alone in her thoughts in the field are classics, as is the one of her about to be clocked by the tree (shades of tree attacks from years ago)! Another neat photo essay of a fun family moment.

Love those big draft horses too, likely Belgians.

the plainsman said...

Hard to say which is my favorite, but those two of Allison alone in her thoughts in the field are classics, as is the one of her about to be clocked by the tree (shades of tree attacks from years ago)! Another neat photo essay of a fun family moment.

Love those big draft horses too, likely Belgians.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a ton of fun, and a gorgeous tree, tho they are Spruce or Fir trees but, never Pines, thats what Christmas Trees are. :) I have this thing about that..

Here's hoping you have a very Merry Christmas!

Haley Allison said...

I LOVE the picture and caption of Alli on the ground. So funny....

"botanist" plainsman said...

Note to Anon.: Although I have not seen them lately, nor looked for them, true pines were sold as Christmas trees for years, too. (At least in the Northeast). Smaller ones were sold as "Scotch Pines" but they all had long needles, most had pine cones and were full of pine sap, smelled great but spread all over your hands when decorating, too. Charlie Brown's long needled tree was most definitely a pine tree, too. And yes, the Wiki, that vast reservoir of popular knowledge states "Pines are also commercially grown and harvested for Christmas trees." So no great harm in calling a Christmas fir, spruce or yew, a generic pine tree!

NatalieDeltaGam said...

plainsman, anonymous, et all: it's a fir. most likely douglas, possibly fraser (though unlikely)--i'd need to see the bottom of the needle to determine for sure.

and yeah, pines are christmas trees too. we have virginia pines down here in ga.

Anonymous said...

May I point out the similarity between your smile in #5 and hers in #8?