Sunday, January 18, 2009

I probably would've told him to pull his hat down ... a little more ... a little more ... until he couldn't see

Sometime last week, Jerry was asked by a few of his co-workers to make an on-air bet on the outcome of a somewhat likely all-Pennsylvania Super Bowl: Steelers v. Eagles.

A bet for his eyebrows.

Apparently one of his company's Eagles fans was ready to make the committment to shave their eyebrows off if their team was defeated, but Jerry declined, explaining that taking our daughter to church without eyebrows might raise a few on others.

On Sunday, after the Steelers won, he changed his mind.

"I think I'll take that bet at work afterall. ... Oh wait, THE EAGLES AREN'T GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL."

Apparently bragging rights are just as important as eyebrows.


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

When they won I thought of you all immediately - congrats to your team!

Lioncloud said...

Allison might refuse to go to church unless she had her eyebrows shaved off too!

And if you shaved hers off, then yours would be doomed, Kelly.

the plainsman said...

I did want to see a NJ Giants - Steelers Superbowl, though. Could not be happier that the Eagles aren't going to Tampa. Bear no animosity towards the Cards, but "Go Steelers!"

BTW, last week during your recovery time, I checked your paper to see if you had a new column out, and found your sportswriter's blog. Saw he was the only one who picked the Cards to win over Carolina, and he had the right reasons, too.

Go Steelers!

Ray said...

Hahaha! Thank goodness he didn't make that bet! =D

Chelsea said...

So glad the Eagles lost! I'm a Giants fan, but cheering for the Steelers!

Gisela said...


Anonymous said...

GO STEELERS! WE'RE WORKING ON THE OTHER HAND!!! Jerry should have taken the bet! It was a sure thing that we would trample the Ravens, duh!LOL but I understand why he didn't. At least he was thinking of you and Alli before he did something a little stupid.
But Jerry can't wait for Superbowl Sunday! GO STEELERS!