Monday, January 26, 2009

One dad was wearing a 'Watch Midget Porn' T-shirt

On Sunday, we went to our friends' daughter's birthday party at Funtown Action Zone. I can't ever remember the actual business name, so I keep making something up when I refer to it: Happy Fun Land, Playtown Crazy Mart, The Place Where Ears Bleed.

It was our first time taking Alli to anything even remotely close to that, so of course I was that crazy mom who took a ridiculous amount of photos.

At one point, Jerry said, "You'd think it was OUR daughter's birthday."

Might as well have been. She had THAT MUCH FUN.

We spent the majority of our time in the toddler play area.
It was somewhat buffered from the 10,000 other screaming children
running, climbing, catapulting and sacrificing their younger siblings.

I was impressed how well she could climb. But once she figured out the
concept of the slide, that was enough motivation to get back back to the top.

And if she thought the little one was fun, I should've been prepared
for the squeal she emitted while careening down the big one. But
getting to it was no easy feat. I had to climb ropes, crawl through
tunnels and try to move my adult-sized butt for the impatient children
trying to get around it. It was like the nightmare of grade school
and my physical ineptitudes on the playground all over again.

Jerry right before he attempted to make it to the big slide himself:
THIS AGAIN!" But he can't fool me. That there is a smile.

Jerry's photo contribution -- father of the birthday girl, Roger.
Thank you, Jer. What would our digital files be like without you?

"Look, Ma! No hands!"

And what Action Playtime Warehouse birthday experience would be
complete without pizza? As in, pizza smeared on clothes and hair
from little fingers. To be more specific, on MY clothes and hair.

That's right, you're jealous of my rockin' Dora sticker.

Despite this smiling photo, the ball pit was every bit as traumatizing as
I remember it being in my childhood. But we really did have a great time.


Shal said...

I hate ball pits too! hehe.. It does look like it was Alli's birthday party! If you liked this place but want a cooler experience... go to Children's City Museum in St. Louis.. that PLACE is the most fun I've had in my adult life (so sad I know) but I think you and Jerry would enjoy it as much as Alli would!

bronxbombette said...

The title is awesome! Its great Alli is so social and so young!

I never got to play in those things because my mom would always freak out about the germs covering it!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Looks fun, especially the slide!

the plainsman said...

OK! Three priceless photos here that have to be preserved, on hard copy as well as in backup up digital and disc copies.

Jerry, climbing through that cage with Allison, here is Dad, climbing to the ends of earth for his daughter.

The three of you fenced in together in the ball room. Sure being a parent sometimes feels like being caged. But what a great happy life as well.

And the most wonderful of all, you in your appropriately striped sox, sliding down with Alli. Mom and daughter, one with the experience.

IT screams JOY!

Jessica said...

What fun! I love your socks. :)

Alexa said...

OMG, I can't wait to take Blair to one of those places, he'll love it!

Ash said...

alli's little pony tail is too cute for words!

Ray said...

FINALLY photos of YOU! I enjoyed every one of them. Hehe. Great photos of Jerry and Allison too of course. ;o) That place SO reminds me of, "Discovery Zone!" Sigh. Those were the days. But they closed down because (I think) of health violations (damn those lazy people for not wanting to clean inside the tunnels).

That photo of you and Allison going down that slide is awesome. I didn't think I'd ever see a slide like that again. I also love the one with Jerry and Alli. And that family shot rocks! Glad you all had a good time.

Take, care. ;o)

P.S. I loved all your names for the kid's place: "Action Playtime Warehouse" = "AWESOME!" =D

Anonymous said...

That takes me back to my childhood. I actually went to Discovery Zone for my birthday once and lost a tooth in the ball pit. We never did find it...

Candi said...

I'm glad you all had a great time. Often those places are so hectic and crazy that it's hard to glean any enjoyment out of the whole experience. It sure looked like Alli didn't mind, though!

Erica said...

Aww That looks like fun! Great pics, I agree it's great to see mom in them. It does remind me a lot of Discovery Zone.... which that place was AWESOME! So no wonder she had a good time : )

julia said...

it does remind me of discovery zone! everyone's talking about that place. there was one near where i lived and i LOVED that place when i was little. i even had a birthday party there once. ha it was great.

Marina said...

Oh my god, I just noticed her pony tail in that first picture. SO CUTE!

novelle360 said...

Right?! I know. It's actually part of a set. Pigtails. They ALMOST got their own post.