Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trip to Target with my co-worker Amanda

After I got in the car from scraping off the snow, making faces when I cleared her portion of the front and side windows:
"Why do I get the feeling you do that with Allison?"

When I told her the reason for my needing to go -- returning two sets of invitations that only had nine each instead of the 10 promised on the package:
"You DO have your receipt right? Because they probably have a picture of you behind the counter that says 'BEWARE OF THIS WOMAN' after that last incident."

On our way out, one of the competing local news stations tried to interview us for a segment on the digital TV conversion:
"We totally should've done it. Then, at the end, screamed 'BUY THE PAPER! THE PAPER ROCKS! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!'" (complete with extended tongues and devil horns -- much like you'd see on a spring break video after too much tequila)


:o) the plainsman said...

Everybody is putting less product in packages today, expecially food and house supplies (a sly way to raise the price), like the pound can of coffee now has what, seven ounces in it? But at least they change the numbers on the outside.

LOL, they probably filmed the Devil horns and tongues and will save it for when they can use it, like when "Kelly wins the Pulitzer Prize!"

Kind of like when a regional paper here photographed all the local pols smiling at their dedication party for the new press building, then uses those smiling headshots when the politicians later get indicted or caught up in a matrimonial issue. :o)

Anonymous said...

A trip to target story is the best you can give us after finding Face Book. I hate face book and it's really pissing my off that your spending all your time on there and not where your true fans are.
Pulitzer Award my ASS !!!!

Ally said...

To the second poster:
Ummm Kelly has a life. She has free will, she can do WHATEVER she feels like. She doesn't need to write every freaking day. She doesn't have to have this wonderful blog. Her life is not a novel in your collection, don't act like she needs to post something all the time just so you can read it. Get a life and stop obsessing.

Kristin said...

you totally should've done that on the interview xD
that would have been epic xD


erica said...

Ahaha. The second commenter made me laugh. Which will probably piss them off even more. YESSSS. Anyway. Glad you're enjoying facebook and you can have fun in everyday situations.

Ray said...

You're too funny! And did I read invitations? Mine didn't come in the mail yet. =P