Sunday, February 8, 2009


After looking through some old photos recently, it occurred to me that some of my favorites aren't of posed smiles and perfect moments, but of ordinary objects -- a slice of what used to be the mundane in my day-to-day life. The view of the neighboring bar from my first solo apartment window. My bulky college CD tower filled with '90s grunge and a space for a ceramic bowl that I kept my quarters in for laundry. The dashboard of my first car.

It's those regulars in life that we often take for granted, but when looking back, provide some amazing insight to how far we've come, a bit of nostalgia and a lot to reminisce about.

So, with that in mind, I decided to take a few pictures around the house this morning.

I may have to call Children & Youth Services on her.

You'd think Jerry would be thankful for the
free calendar from our insurance agent.

Jerry brought this home from his trip to Lancaster yesterday.
Because inside, he's really a 12-year-old boy who just hit puberty.

A butterfly clipped on Alli's window.

A few years ago, some of Jerry's radio listeners
brought him this bowling pin they signed with
permanent marker after target practice.

How else would a bunch of teen boys like Cody Musser say I love you?


Ashley said...

I love that butterfly!!

Some of my favorite photo's are just like these - random everyday things that bring a smile, sigh, or giggle when looking at them :)

NatalieDeltaGam said...

i've been to intercourse...and lancaster! i would love to live closer--i could totally become amish.

bronxbombette said...

Thats an awesome bowling pin, I hope its showcased!

Melissa said...

I love that they put a # in place of the U! Too funny!

I know what you mean about loving the picture that show what your surrounding were like back then. I may have to do the same, especially of all the TOYS that are in my living room!

Christina said...

Nice pics! :)

I feel like I haven't seen/heard about Toby in your posts lately. Will you be blogging about him anytime soon? Pretty pretty please?

Anonymous said...

After reading this post, I am left with an empty feeling; a feeling not unlike the one I feel upon being told most of a joke, only to be disappointed at the end when the joke-teller can not recall the punchline.

I feel this way because you baited me with descriptions of photos I became interested in viewing, only to never show them! :) Don't get me wrong--I enjoyed the ones from around the house, but I would love to see that ceramic change bowl!

the plainsman said...

One thing, you never know which of today's random photos will grow in importance later on...

the plainsman said...

One thing, you never know which of today's random photos will grow in importance later on...

the plainsman said...

I only clicked once, I swear!

Ray said...

Hahaha! That bowling pin is awesome! So is Jerry's masterpiece on the lady's face in the calendar. =P Sometimes it is good to take photos of those little details of your life, to look back on it and smile. I'd love to see photos of your first apartment. Please share. PRETTY PLEASE!!!! =D

novelle360 said...

So sorry to disappoint. I'd love to post those photos, but I don't have a scanner.

And, yes, Toby. I have lots of stories to tell. I'll see what I can do.

Ray said...

You can take a photo of a photo, with your Nikon camera. Just a thought.

Sarah said...

Who can't laugh about Intercourse, PA? I'm half amazed that name exists.

Also - I am obsessed with the Amish. I had these books growing up that I got on a family trip to Amish Country. The books had names like "Ellie" or "Rebecca" and were about just a girls life in Amish Country. Except I think "Rebecca" was about Mennonites aka the sluts of the Amish world. <3