Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I will have to fight all of my mommy DNA, which I'm sure is a lot like trying to quit smoking cold turkey

Alli is going to have her first babysitter tonight. And although I know that Alex, one of Jerry's co-workers, is more than capable of watching a 1-year-old for two hours and putting her to bed, I'm struggling to resist the urge to type out a five-page list of instructions and emergency contacts, including the overly obvious 911.

Alex had been scheduled to babysit last Saturday when Jerry was in Lancaster and I was at work, but when my mom came to visit instead, we cancelled.

And sometimes I forget what life was like with roommates and constant noise and uncertainty about what the end of an apartment lease or even the weekend brings. But eventually it occurred to me that maybe the reason she offered to do it for free is because getting a few hours in an entire house to herself is just the sort of mental break a girl needs sometimes.

So Jerry and I decided to take one of my mid-week days off and go on an actual date -- something we desperately need sometimes.

Even when I was in past relationships, I never really looked forward to Valentine's Day until I met Jer. His infectious love of all things holiday rubbed off and we've celebrated it every year. We don't exchange gifts, choosing instead to take time to reconnect by treating ourselves to a night out and good food.

This year I'm working on Valentine's Day, so we've scheduled it for tonight instead.

And as long as I'm able to resist the urge to check in with Alex every 4 minutes, it should be a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Alex will be wonderful, but I can be there in 4 hours!!!

the plainsman said...

Relax. Have fun.

Now I just read the first comment, and its LOL!

Christina said...

LOL @ first comment!!!

Enjoy your evening! :)

Maria said...

Haha, I love gradma's comment!

Have a wonderful evening, I bet Alli will have a blast with Alex!

Ray said...

Love the title of this entry. So cute how you're worried about Alli. I'm sure though that the more you and Jerry go out without Allison, the easier it'll be to not want to call constantly. But Alli's still small, so I can see your concern.

I hope you and Jerry had a GREAT Valentine's Day! <3

Take, care.

Shal said...

Oooh us too!... Isn't it great to get away!... but yeah I hear you... even when they are 3.5 you will still feel the same way! I know I do!

Jaclyn said...

I'm sure they'll be fine. We've never had anyone but my mom or sister watch Katelyn, so I know how anxiety-inducing the situation must be.
Just relax & enjoy yourselves; I'm sure Alex will call if she needs anything. =)

bronxbombette said...

Let us know how it went! Sure it went well!!

Myranda said...

so, how did it go?!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she will be fine. Hope you guys have a great time!!