Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I should surgically attach it to my body

We went to New York for my birthday and, as usual, the weekend was jam-packed. Friday night we celebrated at a great Italian restaurant where Allison made herself at home by playing with the hostesses and throwing her pasta on the floor. Saturday, my mom and I took Alli to get her summer wardrobe and she showed her gratitude by ripping all of the neatly piled clothes onto the floor, terrorizing the other children and throwing tantrums. Later that night, the rest of my family came over for an appetizer party with cake. (Because who needs dinner when you can have a plethora of finger foods and an obscene amount of shrimp?) And Sunday we took Alli to the National Museum of Play after I got my haircut and got talked into revisiting bangs -- but that's another post for another time.

The museum was nothing short of extraordinary. It's apparently the second-biggest of its kind in the country, and there were things to see and play with at every turn. At every level. On the floor, on the walls and even on the ceiling. It was sensory overload and you could easily spend an entire day trying to take in all of the exhibits.

I wish I could say I had pictures of Jerry and I waging a hula-hoop-off. And Alli being broadcast on a TV screen next to Elmo. Or even one of the hundreds of butterflies we saw. Or Alli playing in the biggest sandbox I've ever seen, which happened to be shaped like a pirate ship. Or my mom checking out a display case that featured a collection of dolls she had as a child. Or Jerry crawling under the Mr. Potato Head mountain.

But I don't have any of those. Not one. Because my camera was sitting next to the door where I accidentally left it.

I'm sure we'll go again this summer, but not having my camera slung around my neck felt like I was missing an appendage. Especially because Jerry got me a new lens for my birthday. I took a few crappy ones with my cell camera, but it only made me miss it more.

I did, however, take a few pictures Saturday night at my party.

To thank Jerry for getting me a zoom lens, I immediately zoomed
in on his nostrils. You can't tell, of course, but he was laying down
all the way across the room. My invasive camera powers are stronger!

Which enable me to get close like this even when I'm not.

Courtney and Matt brought the ever-so-adorable Jackson over.

My aunt Glrr and Alli making time for tea and cupcakes.

Have I mentioned I love my new lens yet?

Jax adopted the pig to Allison's barn set.

And she adopted his car seat.

She begged to get in. Then begged to get out.

My grandma fixed Allison's mittens.

She was very grateful.

And if I could rewind time, I would whisper to myself
in this photo NOT TO GET BANGS the next morning.


Julie said...

I wish I'd known you were in town. Not that you had any free time, but Shobha and I were there until Saturday morning. We were supposed to leave Friday morning but when Webster was getting 8 inches of snow, I decided to not brave the thruway. I can't wait to take Shobha to the Nat'l Museum of Play when she's a little older.

Jaclyn said...

Glad you had a good time.
Your next post better be about your hair cut...with pictures, of course. =)

the_plainsman said...

Its frustrating when a natural photographer leaves the camera at home, and sorry you left it, but speaking as one who always had his, sometimes not having one is freeing as well. I'm sure the zoom lens will get plenty of use in future outings. I wonder if that museum has special adults only open nights. It might be a blast to have a party there, and a good museum fund raiser as well!

Ray said...

Even though you didn't take photos of you guys at the "National Musuem of Play" I can still picture in my mind those moments that you recalled. It sounds like such a wonderful place. You make me want to go. Especially since I like in NY and the fact that I can go. Now all I need is to borrow a kid. Hehe. ;o)

Sounds like you had a great birthday with all your loved ones. Great photos as always. Ohmygoodness, wasn't Jackson born yesterday? He's so big. How time flies. Alli's adorable as always. Jerry looks great. Also nice to see a photo of Aunt Glrr, but I must see a photo of those bangs (and you too of course mwahaha)! Now! Hahaha, I mean, "Please?!"

Take, care.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you'll get lucky finding your camera/photos on this website: http://www.ifoundyourcamera.blogspot.com/

It has actually worked for some people. I found that website off of postsecret.

Chelsea said...

I'm sure the bangs look great! I have discovered ways to hide mine if need be! Sounds like a fun birthday!