Monday, March 16, 2009

Gisela, now it's your turn

Last weekend was so thoroughly saturated with estrogen that I'm surprised I didn't have dreams I was in a Masingil commercial. Timberly flew in from Nebraska and we spent the entire day Saturday hanging out, shopping, going out to eat and catching a chick flick. Gisela drove in from Philadelphia on Sunday for the baby shower, and by the time I hugged both of them goodbye, I had gotten just enough that I didn't feel the need to permanently lock them in my basement just so we could hang out longer.

That and I'd be terrified to deliver a baby.

Timberly had asked if I could take a few pictures of her to hang
in the nursery. I was so flattered that she thought I could do it
justice. So when the lady at the Wal-Mart photo counter said she
wasn't allowed to let us take our prints home without a signed
consent from the portrait studio, I took it as a compliment.

When Allison was mid-tantrum before the shower even started,
Gisela had the brilliant idea to take a walk outside. She was clutch
in more ways than one. She multitasked as a diaper-changer,
entertainer, apple retriever and most importantly, photo-taker.

Timberly checking her answers to a quiz about her
and her husband's childhood as I reveal which one
had a teddybear with German lederhosen.

Allison was much more content once she had a crabcake
in one fist and a mini cocktail weenie in the other.

These girls don't know it, but they were both in the same room
at Timberly's bridal shower a few years ago. Just not born yet.

When they weren't passing ribbons and paper confetti back and fourth,
they were enjoying the special baby shower treats just for them.

Leah and I vowed to get the girls together before she and her husband
move to Indiana this fall where they both got jobs teaching sociology
at Purdue University. Miss Elena is four months older than Alli.

I wanted to eat her up in her cherries.

At the very end, after almost all the guests had left, we finally unleashed
them on the balloons that Allison had been DYING to get at for hours.
She went APESHIT screaming and batting at them and running at full
speed as the ribbons tangled around her ankles causing the balloons to
turn her hair into a conductor of so much static electricity that she could've
lit up the entire eastern seaboard. Elena was justifiably terrified.

Then we took a picture out front to commemorate this photo we
took at Timberly's bridal shower when I was pregnant.

Photographer Gisela passed my camera over to get in a group shot.

Then Gisela and I went back to my place where we took advantage
of Alli's nap by taking a ridiculous amount of stupid photos of ourselves.

And one of Toby.

Who was only tolerating Gisela because she was
teasing him with a handful of mini Goldfish crackers.

There were so many moments not documented on camera, but I'm glad I have even a few images to remember the weekend by. And even though I wanted to cry when Allison's diaper exploded down her tights AFTER I had ripped her overly tired screaming body from her highchair AFTER she had grabbed a fistful of veggie dip off my plate and smeared it all over the tablecloth and my black pants, AFTER she stole another baby's Cheerios, AFTER she dumped her own snacks all over the floor for the third time, I'm still glad Alli went.

After all, a girls weekend wouldn't be a girls weekend without my girl -- crazy behavior and all.


Ray said...

I like the title of this post. =P Sounds like you had a great time despite the mini disasters and all. Nice to see photos of you, you look great as always. And I definitely love Allison's, "Mommy Rocks" bib. Too cute. ;o)

That shot of Timberly is awesome. I love how the lights hitting her belly. Perfect photo to put in the nursery.

the_plainsman said...

Excellent portrait of Timberly, once again demonstrating that artistic side of you that shows in many ways. Timberly at one of her most beautiful stages of life, captured perfectly.

The candid photo of you holding Allison is special, too, while it shows her attention preoccupied with some new outdoor wonder, it also captures your love-filled gaze focused on her.

And Toby, looking somewhat concerned through that estrogen filled haze, as if saying, "Where's Jerry, I thought he said he'd be home an hour ago!"

the_plainsman said...

Oh, and a Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and all!

Timberly said...

Love you!!

Lioncloud said...

The little pink dress is _adorable_!


Candi said...

Love the maternity photo! You did a great job.

Erica said...

The photo of Timberly is gorgeous! And yeah, the "Mommy Rocks" bib cracked me up. Very cute.

Gisela said...

hardy har.