Tuesday, March 31, 2009


While watching a TV ad for allegery medication:
"I'm like your Claritin -- longlasting relief you can depend on without a prescription."

Response after I text messaged him my work schedule for the month of April:
cool ... i like your boobs

After we had new friends over for the first time and he was assessing whether or not they had a good time:
"We could debate this all night or just state the obvious: Seriously, what's not to like?" (while motioning up and down his torso)


Jaclyn said...

I think the 'boobs' is my favorite one.
And seriously...what's NOT to like?? =)

Ashley said...

hahahaha ohhh I just laughed out loud :)

B said...

snickersnort.... :)

Tonya said...

Ha ha ha!!!

Here's the link you requested:


Tonya said...

I'm glad I can induce laughter...she is so freakin adorable!

the_plainsman said...

Big Grin

Janice said...

Nice text message :) The boyfriend does that to me all the time and it cracks me up. It's random, yet hilarious. Gotta love Jerryisms!

Ray said...

Hehe. I loved all of them. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!!
I love the Jerryisms.

jncweber said...

glad i'm not the only one who gets texts like that!