Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Letter leftovers

The Month 15 letter leftovers are so stale, Allison barely resembles the way she looks in these photos anymore. But I took a ton of pictures last month, and the only way most of my family gets to see them is on this blog, so I went back through my files this morning while Alli is inexplicably sleeping past 7 a.m. and dug out a few to share.

In the beginning, when we first asked "Where is your nose?"
you crammed your finger right up an unsuspecting nostril.

You love wedging yourself between your closet and your crib.

You and Toby are still best frienemies.

I'm not sure why chairs are so exciting, but you are.

This was after you pulled all of the blankets off your shelves.

Your favorite place to play is on top of the bed.

I get all of your garbage rejects. Mostly crap you pick up off the floor.

I couldn't figure out where in the hell all your socks were
disappearing to. Then I found about 20 behind your bed.

I didn't take enough pictures of you with pigtails. You rip them out now.

Grandma came to visit and taught you how to say "tickle."

My two favorite beings who beg for food at my lap.

Your big cousin Emily came over for a play date
and you couldn't have been more excited.

The next day, Dad and Toby were exhausted.

More pigtails.

We took you outside after a particularly good storm
and watched Toby chase snowballs.

You mostly just wanted to eat it, though.

Dad was a good sport and stopped making faces
long enough for me to get a good picture.

Dad was asked to take a picture of your Sunday school class to
hang on your classroom door. Needless to say, you thought it sucked.

And when you're older and a huge Steelers fan like your Dad,
you can know that when you were 1 and Pittsburgh won the most
Super Bowls of any NFL team, you were appropriately decked out.


Timberly said...

The socks -- HILARIOUS!!

the_plainsman said...

Yes, the socks! Somehow she has figured out that is a good place for them!

All great photos, really like the one of her hiding behind the crib, the ones on the bed by the window and you two together in the snow.

Fit Mama said...

I love all these pictures. I laughed out loud at the socks, because my daughter does the same. And the tape measure on the bed where she was playing. my daughter got super excited during the super bowl... so excited she lost her pants. Alli always makes me think my daughter, so I love all the posts about her :)

Ray said...

Loved these photos:
-Jerry and Toby laying out on Allison's bedroom floor.
-Allison's group church photo with the kids.
-You and Alli in the snow.
-And that close up shot of Jerry is very nice. Kudo's for getting him to keep a straight face. Haha. =P

You guys are a beautiful family. <3

P.S. The "socks" thing is great. I'm sure Allison found it pretty funny/sneaky. Now all mother's of America can rest assured that the washing machine is not stealing our socks. =P

Melissa said...

I noticed in one of the pics that you have a bath caddy with all of her bath stuff in it. FREAKING BRILLIANT! No clue why this has never occurred to me to do, but I will be making a trip to Walmart tomorrow to get a bath caddy for Grayden's bath stuff! lol

Pics are SOOO cute (as usual). I looove the pigtails. Do you think my husband would allow me to put my son's hair in pigtails?? ha!

Erica said...

adorable. beautiful. lovely. Anything else that could possibly apply.

Anonymous said...

Please forgive me for neglecting to post a comment on how freakin' adorable your family is, but I'm still dying to see a picture of your new bangs!

Maria said...

I love your house! It's so beautiful, especially Allison's room.

sarah said...

i thought of you when i saw this, it's hysterical.

twenty five things i hate about facebook.

Candi said...

LOVE the sock picture!!

As an amateur (going pro) photographer, I just have to tell you, you should totally hire someone to come do professional portraits of Alli in her room. The colors and decor are PERFECT for it. You would get some fabulous memories.