Sunday, March 29, 2009

Letter leftovers

I didn't realize how aptly named these posts would be when I started them. The letters take so much effort that it ends up being weeks before I can get around to posting some of the pictures I didn't use.

Just one of the many things I'll have to get used to being my fault in a few years, I suppose.

Allison, some mornings you just wake up smiling.
On these days, I hear you talking to Bunny and Bear
and laughing. It helps me wake up with a smile, too.

One night right before bathtime, Dad got you undressed and started
rubbing your bare belly on his head. You squealed like crazy.

You have been carrying around things that are way too big for you.
This particular morning, you actually heaved the laundry basked onto
the bed. Then you piled all the pillows inside and motioned for help
climbing in. It looked so comfy. I wanted one my size.

For the most part, you eat like a champ. But this one made me want
to gag. You decided to put your broccoli and grapes into your
banana yogurt container and mix it up into one foul concoction.
I tried not to dry heave while you nodded your approval between bites.

Like father like daughter: Getting all the post-cereal milk from the bowl.

After hopefully the last of my 22 eye appointments, you discovered the
free sample pack of contact solution the receptionist gave me. I was
putting things away in the bathroom and heard you gabbing in the other
room. When I looked in, you were using it as a bottle for your baby.
(And taking pretend sips yourself.) I found it so endearing that I rushed
out and bought you some actual toy baby bottles that afternoon.
But I couldn't get over how clever it was that you made that connection.

This one is a full story.

On an unseasonably warm day last month, we stopped at Grandma's house for lunch and ended up spending most of the day outside. Toby usually beelines for the shed in the far corner of the yard to sniff out the bunnies who live underneath, and when Dad went to retrieve him, one of Grandma's neighbor's asked for some help. The wind the night before had blown the lattice off her porch.

You, me, Grandma and Dad snuck out of the gate before the dogs could flee, but just barely. You played while Dad reattached the lattice.

But when we tried to get back into Grandma's yard, I had a hard time operating the gate because the ground was so wet. It kept getting stuck in the grass, which allowed Toby and Sparky ample time to make a break for it as Dad shot invisible daggers at my skull because he knew he was going to have to be the one to corral them.

Toby listened right away -- probably because he wanted to sleep inside on 800-thread count sheets like usual. Sparky, however, would've screamed "FREEEEEEEDOMMMMMMM!!!" if he could've. He took off in a shot, pausing momentarily to sniff random bushes, mailboxes and tree stumps.

And Sparky is fast. Dad chased him about three miles while I got in Grandma's car and drove around the neighborhood listening for obscenities.

But Sparky just made a big loop and ran right back to Grandma's house, Dad sweating and panting behind him. Then I pulled in, just in time for more invisible daggers as Dad relayed how Sparky even pooped without stopping, just so he wouldn't get caught.

As punishment, Grandma put him on a leash for awhile while the rest of us continued to use the yard, and Toby paraded his freedom by taunting him.

Sparky squealed.

And squealed.

And squealed some more.

You felt so sorry for Sparky that you gave up the big pile of pebbles you were playing in, marched up the path to where Sparky was whining and patted him on his head. Then you sat next to him, draped your little arm around his back and quietly kept him company.

There are a lot of amazing qualities you possess, little girl, but compassion is one of your strongest.

I imagine it will serve you -- and others -- well.


Karen said...

She seems to have such a heart for others, human and animal. What a doll.

Anonymous said...

Great stories. The approving nods on the vegetable/yogurt cocktail was especially amusing.

Anonymous said...

so precious! :D

Jaclyn said...

How SMART of her to know the lens solution looked like a baby bottle and use it to 'feed' her dolls!!! Isn't it AMAZING what they pick up on when you're not looking?????

Tiffany said...

I was looking at funny onesies today and I saw one that said "My Entire Life is Being Blogged" and I thought it was awesome! It also made me think of you and your letters to Alli. The things they have, LOL.

She's adorable as always. Love the pictures!

Ray said...

Loved the like father like daughter photo. And that photo of Alli's little self heading towards Sparky is such a great photo. Love the story that went with it as well (LOL, at Sparky not stopping while he took a crap; I'd say that should be in the world record books or something for dogs. Hehe). Alli's an awesome little girl. ;o)

mia said...

ive loved reading about her growing up into such a little lady :)

Erica said...

Lovely as always. And the post before this is hilarious!

Melissa said...

Okay, the Sparky story made me tear up!! What a sweet girl.

Melissa said...

Now that I've had a chance to read the poop story below, I just had to comment on that too. A couple of weeks ago, Grayden (13 mths) and I were at my mom's house. Grayden was on the kitchen floor crawling around with my mom's three dogs. Well I look over at Grayden just in time to see him putting a DOG turd IN (yes IN) his mouth!! Apparently my mom's long-haired shih-tzu got a little piece of poo stuck in her butt hair and it dropped off on the floor. And of course, Grayden found it first. He got his mouth washed out with soap. He may say curse words but I don't think he'll be eating poo any time soon!!

Amy said...

Awww...the last story was so sweet!! She is so adorable.

Anonymous said...

great post, as always. love the allison pictures!!

LeslieAnn said...

Sooooo cuuuuuute!

cafechick80 said...

Awe, she is such a beautiful little lady. I can't wait to have one of my own!!!

Kristin said...

what a doll(:


aj said...

aaaww... o my gosh.. that is so cute