Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Practically killed myself burning off the equivalent of a hot dog

I just got back from the gym.

My first attempt at physical exercise since childbirth.

Even an untrained observer would be able to tell. Not from my beet-red face. Not from the sweat rings on my T-shirt. Not from my still-labored breathing. Not from my ghetto workout gear. Or the way I collapsed onto the bed in a heap because my legs feel like cement weights.


They'd be able to tell because I couldn't contain the feel-good endorphins from 50 minutes of making my body operate the way it was meant to.


I owe much of the credit to Jerry. After months of making excuses, he finally convinced me to go by unintentionally guilting me into it. You know, saying things like, "You said you wanted to go today. I'll watch Allison. Go. Really. Go."

Even still, it wasn't easy getting out the door. I would've much preferred sitting on my ass and eating the rest of the Girl Scout cookies. And finishing off the last brownie my friend made for my birthday.

"It's so much easier being fat. Can't we just get fat together?" I asked.

But then I remembered that more than half of my closet is bordering on not fitting anymore. And shorts season is fast approaching. Not to mention the bathing suit that I wouldn't put on right now even if it had $1,000 bucks pinned on the bikini top as an enticement.

I started to come up with valid reasons to wait another week. Timberly's baby shower is two Sundays from now and I'll want to have cake. I could start the week after that.

But then I remembered I had done that with my birthday. I had vowed to start the week after we got back from Rochester and the inevitable caloric intake that comes with my mother's amazing cooking. Then I got a cold and a built-in excuse.

Before that, I had vowed to start after the Valentine's Day cookies were gone. After the holidays. For the New Year. Even the need to pull out my fat pants didn't motivate me the way I thought they would.

I know it's not going to be easy to find the time on a regular basis, but I made the giant leap of walking into a new gym full of people with toned abs and thighs that don't rub together when they walk. And not only didn't I immediately turn around at the door, but I managed to sign up, get a tour and even mustered through a full workout when I thought I was going to pass out after three minutes on an elliptical.

If nothing else, I'm guaranteed to make it through one month because that's what I paid for up front.

And if hanging my skinny jeans on the back door of the bathroom can't motivate me, I'm guessing my inner cheapskate can.


Jennifer Suarez said...

I HATE the gym, but I loooove to run, so I bought a treadmill and a total body bench for the basement.


KUDOS to you for starting!! There will always be excuses, you just have to work past them. It's such a drag going to work out, but once you are done it's SUCH a fantastic feeling. I love that.

You'll be in your itty bitty bikini in no time!

Fit Mama said...

I love the endorphins! I'm "lucky" enough to work "normal" hours, so I get up before the baby (around 4:45) to work out at home. Exercise DVDs have changed my life. I don't have to look presentable to walk down the hall to the office to work out, I don't even have to wear a shirt over my sports bra (unless I feel gross and want to cover my gut). I have made a serious investment in home workouts, and it has really paid off! I'm 5 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight! You'll be there before you know it :)

Chelsea said...

I'm at the same stage as you, kinda. Ever since college (minus the first month where I was like FREE SWIMMING POOL, HELL YES!) I haven't been in shape. But I keep putting it off. For me its "Oh, but I'm PMSing" "Oh, I have my period..." "Oh my body is tired from my period" Haha! But I'm forcing myself tomorrow.

Good for you!

Maria said...

I love this post!

"...thighs that don't rub together when they walk."

Haha! This is exactly what I tell Mitch; "There is supposed to be a space in between my thighs!!! They were never mean to meet!".

Ray said...

Loved that last line. I'm sure you'll do fine at getting those pounds off. Good luck. ;o)

aj said...

yes.. money can be extremely motivating..