Thursday, March 12, 2009

Unintentional proof of my cereal addiction

Holy freezer box I had no idea so many people haven't ever seen a refrigerator before. I mean, here I was assuming it was a common household appliance, but apparently it is a species the likes of a unicorn -- a mystical apparatus only documented on the internet.

Well, hold onto your lunch meat, you're about to get a rare glimpse:

This before photo really does nothing to capture the gross factor
because I didn't think to commemorate it with an interior shot.
Looking back, it seems slightly bigger than the mini unit I had
in my freshman dorm room. And, yes, Allison still loves Santa.

All of a sudden my white cabinets that I slaved to repaint a few
summers ago don't look so gleaming anymore. They're lost in the glow
of wonderousness that is my Whirlpool. Next up? Hideous floor.

And just because no one complained at my absence
this week while I prepared for Timberly's baby shower,
here is a bonus shot of my Fucking Bangs. That is how
I refer to them. With great detest. And an eye roll.


Mulan said...

oh c'mon, Kelly! I'm sure the bangs can't be as bad as you make them out to be! Another angle, please? =D

Anonymous said...

At least they are side bangs and not the straight across kind.

Ashley said...

The fridge is amazing! (I have an apartment sized one... literally half the size of your old one shared between 3 girls... ya...)

AND I love the bangs from this angle!!!! They look great... but mine can be such a pain to keep under control and out of your eyes... so I get the frustration in that way :)

Have fun at the baby shower, Congrats Timberly!!!

julie said...

Love the new fridge! And I'd be willing to come to PA to help you replace that hideous floor.

I've decided to grow out my hair so my entire head is one big fucking bang. Ugh.

the_plainsman said...

The "ads by google" score: three for refrigerators and one for Saint Leo University! Was it your description of the freezer box or your unholy bangs that triggered Saint Leo's appearance?! LOL!

Nice fridge...nice thing about hair, if you don't like it, it grows out, but it looks a lot better than you described!

Jennifer Suarez said...

I LIKE the bangs! In fact they look (from what little I can see) very much like what I've been considering doing to my own hair.

What is it about them that you dislike the most? What warning would you scream out to me knowing I'm considering doing something similar? Did you feel the same way as I do now prior to having them cut? (ie: hey cool! something different to do to my hair!)

I dunno, I think they look fab! But then again I love my new giant pair of sunglasses that other's say make me look like a big bug. *shrug*

Nikki said...

I can't get the full effect of your bangs since it isn't a front-shot, but I think they look good from this view! Are they hard to manage or something?
PS - Love the fridge!

Candi said...

I like the bangs!

Nice fridge, too! :)

aj said...

You're shitting me!? [To use an expression that makes less sense every time it's used.] Your Fucking Bangs are sexy.

Lindsay Willman said...

tag, you're it ...

Anonymous said...

I loved your post about the refrigerator. Years ago when we lived in Israel, we once went 4 months without a fridge b/c the apt. we moved into didn't have one and once ordered, it took a long time to arrive. Fortunately, it was winter in Jerusalem, so the porch doubled as a fridge.

Fast forward many years, back in the US, buying our first house, which was awesome, but the fridge was nothing short of skeevy and to make matters worse, pink. Plus, nothing could make it stop smelling like moldy oranges. I remember the joy of buying a new fridge. You described it sooooo perfectly (as always).

(Your bangs look great, by the way!)

Ray said...

I'm liking the new fridge. Hehe. =P And I love that side shot of you showing off the bangs. It's a nice photo. The "Fucking Bangs" don't look bad at all. ;o)

Silverwolf said...

Hehe, congrats on the new fridge! I just bought a new one, too. Also a Whirlpool. :) I couldn't get the one I wanted - the bottom freezer mounted type - because of the space we had to put it in was too small - but I still enjoy our standard top freezer. It at least has an ice maker. :-)

SwissBarb said...

I think your bangs look great in that pic.