Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Way better than anticipating green vomit

Although Jerry is particularly proud of his Italian ancestry, every year on St. Patrick's Day, he encourages me to embrace my Irish heritage -- probably because he thinks being married to someone with a family tree that can be traced back to immigrants who came to the U.S. during the potato famine gives him street cred on the holiday of drunken debauchery.

To me, St. Patrick's Day is for college students. I remember waking up to green beer and bagels at my sorority house and drinking the day away in a sea of green feathery boas, plastic hats, fake Shamrock tattoos that always found a home on my cheeks and green eyelashes and nail polish.

Now it just seems pathetic to even give a nod to the date by wearing a green sweater to work. So I always refuse.

"AT LEAST EAT BOILED POTATOES FOR EVERY MEAL!" Jerry prods. "Or go out in the street and punch the first person you see in the face."

His idea of the Irish is apparently as culturally pigeonholed as you can get -- tubers and fistfights.

But I have to admire him for his never-ending love of holidays -- even the minor ones I have long since refused to acknowledge.

When I woke up from a nap yesterday, Allison tromped into our bedroom wearing her lime green top paired with Kelly green capris for the summer months. She looked absolutely ridiculous, but I instantly remembered what day it was. Jerry followed closely behind wearing a giant grin.

He then informed me that he had been looking up Irish-inspired dishes and settled on traditional corned beef and cabbage (and potatoes, of course) to make for me to take to work. He had the required ingredients written down on a folded piece of computer paper and planned to take Alli with him to the grocery store while I hit the gym.

It was either that or give him free reign with the green food coloring, so I just smiled. There was no use arguing.

When I got back from my workout, Jerry rounded the corner looking distraught.

"The only corned beef they had wouldn't have been ready in time, so I did my best," he said. "I got potatoes because they eat those with every meal, and salad because it's green and pork because they have to have a ton of livestock with all those rolling hills, right?"

I just laughed.

Any holiday that excites Jerry to do the week's grocery shopping and fire up the grill is worth celebrating in my book.


Ray said...

I didn't know you were Irish, that's nice to know. Happy St. Patrick's day to you then. Even though it was yesterday and even though you don't celebrate it anymore. ;o)

Jerry has to be the coolest husband ever. Loving the holidays as much as he does (I love that) and making you dinner to take to work; what a sweetheart! =D

Anonymous said...

Your title is ironic actually, because at my school a few years ago they sold green sugar cookies. One girl got sick and puked green everywhere.

A pretty memorable St. Patricks, now that you have reminded me. haha.

Jennifer Suarez said...

I've found that being a parent has brought back the fun of St. Patrick's day, much like it has with MANY holidays.

Perhaps when Ali gets older (school age older) you'll be back into celebrating. My oldest was SO excited this year about wearing green, eating shamrock cookies, pinching firends that didn't wear green, coloring rainbows and leprechauns, (etc etc ETC!) that it was absolutely contagious.

Kids have a way of reminding us that celebrating is fun regardless of the reason.

Heidi said...

In regards to what Jennifer said...Kids or Jerry have a way of reminding us:-p

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly and Jerry, Did you get your TV fixed yet?

the_plainsman said...

LOL! My post yesterday was about how St. Patrick's Day in the NYC area is NOT all about green beer and bagels, or a signal for excess, (nor Lucky Charms Leprechauns, I might have added) but what a great day it is for us to celebrate our collective Irish Heritage, even for those of us without a drop of Irish blood! I like Jerry's good try.

the_plainsman said...

Just had a second thought -- how cool it is for Allison to have a dual heritage with a rich history of contributions and acheivement --And two holidays to celebrate, almost six months apart! Lucky girl!

Kristin said...

bahaha xD
That's okay.
On St.Patrick's Day, everyone becomes Irish, didn't you know? xD


novelle360 said...

Shhhhhh! Don't mention the still-broken TV or Jerry's head will explode!