Monday, April 13, 2009

Believe it or not, there were some photos I didn't upload

Since I had the entire weekend off, my parents visited for Easter. I'm not sure who was looking forward to it more, me or my mom, but I know Allison had a great time because I took a photo almost every time she inhaled.

It's never more apparent than when I review a few days worth of images. Maybe once she's old enough to protest, I'll remember that there are plenty of other things worth capturing.

Until then, she's in almost every picture. Deal with it.

Bunny, Bear and Grandma. Life is good.

Doll. Book. Grandpa. Italian bread from dinner. So good.

On Saturday, we pulled out Alli's
wagon and took her to the park.

Where the slide is a huge hit.

And the swings aren't too bad either.

Jerry, of course, made friends with the other kids there.

Although the park clearly has a sign stating "NO DOGS ALLOWED,"
we like to think of Toby as a little furry person on four legs, so we
ignored it -- much to the other kids' delight. This girl even ran home
to get her frisbee. And Toby happily made it worth her while.

That night, before bed, we showed Allison how to color Easter eggs.

Although she didn't need much of a tutorial.
She quickly started dumping all of the eggs
in the cups, piling them on top of each other
and rotating them through the different colors.

I think her hands will be orange for a week.

It got ridiculously messy. She even ripped one open and tried eating it.
Then, when I stopped her, she put both halves back in the dye.

But one turned out really cool.

Easter morning, she discovered the bunny had left her a bunch of eggs.

And a few toys that needed to be turned on.
(Allison thought bubble: DAD ... GET THE LEAD OUT!)

We had an Easter brunch at church, and the girls thought
it was hilarious that she wanted to play with the grass in her basket.

Before the egg hunt, we got a group photo of the kids.
Allison did NOT want to stand there, but somehow she
knew she was supposed to. Then again, she couldn't resist
holding her arms out and shouting, "MOMmomMOMmom."

After laughing, I eventually summoned her over to me.

She only managed to get three eggs while the other
kids flew like a swarm of bees around her, but
a few of the older boys noticed she didn't get any
and unloaded some of theirs into her basket.

Inside, where it was much warmer, she happily inspected her bounty.

After church, we all went back to Jerry's mom's house, where
Alli got an awesome red crab sandbox for our back yard.

After dinner, we had another egg hunt with her big cousins,
and Toby just couldn't resist the smell of chocolate permeating the air.
He nabbed a few eggs of his own, but thankfully couldn't open them.

Nate was the only one tall enough to
get the eggs we hid in the trees.

And Allison spent the rest of the afternoon passing him cans of
Pepsi she discovered in the kitchen. If he went into another room,
she'd grab a can and yell "NAAAYYY" until she found him.

She had a good time playing behind the crab
with Emily when it was upright, too. Although, frankly,
I'm not sure how she was even standing at the end
of the night because she never napped. Oh, yeah, how
could I forget? CHOCOLATE. (And the pie in her hair.)


mia said...

looks like a fun easter for her :)

but i was wondering if maybe you could link to the following website in a blogpost-

it's the site of a mom blogger who had her only 18 month old daughter pass away suddenly just a few days ago. i think it'd be nice to send some extra support her way.


Kristy said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. :)

Fit Mama said...

great pics! They are at a fantastic age this Easter. My daughter couldn't contain her delight at finding a basket full of chocolate waiting for her :)

novelle360 said...


Thank you for the link. Not only is it a very touching story I can relate to, it's a good blog.

I'm sure they can use all the love and support they can get right now.

Jennifer Suarez said...

You're photos came out great! Looks like a ton of fun was had by all.

As far as every picture containing Allison, I think that's great. My oldest is 5, and already I've witnessed how fast they grow up. Better to have tons of photos to remember her this way, than to not have enough.

Happy belated Easter!

Maria said...

I always love the photos posts, you get such great shots!

the_plainsman said...

Seeing all the fun she had, makes me want to be a little kid again. Hey Jerry, move over, I want to climb up, too! LOL!

Anonymous said...

looks like it was an awesome easter!

the_plainsman said...

BTW, you really do have a talent for making a picture into a photograph, i.e., the way you frame and compose them, telling a story with each of them.

Kristin said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun(:


Janice said...

Those pictures are so wonderful, I'm stoked you posted them. It looks like Easter was fantastic for Allie. Great shots!

Ray said...

Awesome photos as always! Looks like you guys had a great Easter. And Allison definitely lucked out on the gifts: an awesome red crab sandbox indeed! How adorable is that?! ;o) She has cool grandparents. Also, she probably didn't nap because of the chocolate fix. Hehe. =P

Take, care.