Monday, April 27, 2009

It was so hot, I wanted to swim with the seals

The zoo was a nearly perfect day, minus the fact that we forgot our water in the car as temps reached a sweaty 80-plus degrees and Allison had a meltdown of epic proportions. But, on the bright side, Jerry learned there are other attractions in Pittsburgh besides Heinz field.

Every time we pointed out an animal to Alli, she nodded and growled.

Allison is fiercely independent and often wants nothing
to do with me in public, including holding my hand.
But, thankfully, she was willing to hold Avery's.

Because of the heat, most of the animals were resting lethargically
in the shade. But the bear, one of Alli's favorite stuffed animals,
was busy in the water, batting at a tire fountain. She was so thrilled,
she tried launching herself out of my arms and over the fence.
I had to explain that this particular bear might not be as snugly
as the one she uses as a pillow in her crib. And it would eat a bunny.

The last ray of sunshine before a horrific shit storm.

Let. Me. Out. Now. I. Want. To. Run. Away. From. You.

Val's girls posed so nicely for this picture. Jerry took about 15 to get
just one of Alli even somewhat looking in the direction of the camera.
When I scroll through them quickly, it looks like she has termites in her pants.

Avery, Addy and Ben checking out the fish.

The aquarium was my favorite part. I didn't take many other photos
because, at this point, Allison was very hands-on. But she did love
watching the penguins dive and swim, shrieking every time one passed.

After dumping water all over herself, an outfit change,
sloshing blue snowcone all over herself, falling and
skinning her knees and screaming in her stroller, she
finally gave in to what she desperately needed -- sleep.

She missed the kid's play area, seeing this deer defecate
and a really amazing cave with tons of fluttering bats.

She woke up just in time to see the meerkats, which had a tunnel
that kids could crawl through to get a closer look. She got about
this far and then stood guard so no one else could go in or out.
You know, because she's thoughtful like that.


Anonymous said...

nice blog kelly!
love love love the one with the kids walking holding hands!
ps. I'm still reading..!

Maria said...

Haha! I love the last pic and cap! It's been a real joy watching Allison grow up through your blog, she's such a beautiful girl!

the_plainsman said...

Best Alli photo was of the three holding hands. That one of the fish/plant/shrimp looks cool, whatever it is!

the_plainsman said...

Best Alli photo was of the three holding hands. That one of the fish/plant/shrimp looks cool, whatever it is!

Ray said...

I love the photo of Alli, Avery and Addy all holding hands. Photos like that remind me of the ending of, "Look Who's Talking Too" when Sonny & Cher's, "I Got You Babe" song comes on for the ending credits. ;D Nice to see you in the photos as well. ;o) And Alli's multicolored floppy hat is adorable. I love hats like that for little girls.

Kristin said...

I love the one of the kids holding hands.
It looks like something you'd see in black and white as one of those example pictures they put in picture frames when you buy them
How adorable(:


Candi said...

I love the last picture -- you gotta love chubby little toddler thighs!

Gisela said...

So dude! Alli was gonna be like that totally idiotic woman who went into the polar bear exhibit in Germany (see: )

Except that Alli's a baby and it's actually expected for babies not to realize that the snuggable, wubbable bear will prooooobably chew you to shreds if you try to get close to it. Especially during feeding time. And especially more brutally since it's a polar bear, and as such, they may be more pissy about it being hotter on the earth and all.