Thursday, April 16, 2009

Letter leftovers

I had an obscene amount of photos to go through this month. Even when I do a picture post, I usually set aside the best shots of Alli for my letter, but I had so many I didn't know what to do with all of them. With that in mind, here are just some of my favorites. I put the cap at 20, but I probably could've posted so many even my mother would've needed to take a stretch break.

I couldn't wait to show N.Y. grandma your slide aptitude. She was wowed.

Reason No. 5,032 Toby is so lovable.

When you're old enough, you'll have to fight Dad for snuggle time.

Just for fun, I pulled out the Steeler's hair a few weeks ago.
You thought it was hilarious and Dad got a blurry shot.

You had your first bubble bath this month.
It took you awhile to get it. Then you went C-R-A-Z-Y.

You allowed me to resume pigtails. THANK YOU.

To keep you busy, I give you something of mine to play with.
You've definitely taken to my necklaces and like wearing them
around the house. This particular one has become yours because
you bit off all the tiny connecter beads before I could stop you.

I couldn't run to get my camera fast enough when you peeked
through the inflatable steering wheel on your inflatable school bus.

We visited the Easter bunny at the mall and, um, how should I put this?
You would have preferred being placed in a vat of boiling water.
And, no, I'm not flashing you in this picture. I was taking my coat off
to show you how it's done. And the camera people took a picture while
the two of us were on the bunny's lap -- me in my wreck of a hairdo
and you screaming profusely. We happily paid 30 bucks for that keepsake.

Fortunately, the train was a much bigger hit. And because we went
on a weekday afternoon, you had the whole thing to yourself.

I took this picture while we waited in line for Orange Juliuses.
The employees looked at me like I was crazy when they saw
the flash going off. To which Dad cringed in horror and I laughed.
Thankfully, they didn't spit in our cup. And you and me sucked it down.

You find the coolest little nooks in the house. I wish my butt fit there.

I know. It makes no sense that he refuses
to let you stand on the kitchen table.

No sense at all.

OH. MY. GOD. Would you PLEASE leave your hair accessories in?
It's like I didn't think you could get any cuter and -- BAM! Accessory.

I may have lied about books being your second-favorite toys.
Your three baby dolls are right up there, too. You give them kisses,
say "baby" constantly and even let me clip your nails after you watch
me pretend to clip theirs first. I felt like a parenting genius that day.

We got a package with styrofoam peanuts this month.

It was awesome.

And at your first-ever Easter egg hunt, you liked the slide best.

I have a few more non-image anecdotes that didn't make it into the letter, so hopefully I'll be able to update with them sometime later today.


Fit Mama said...

omg, I love the Easter bunny experience! We tried the Easter bunny twice with no luck (she wouldn't even allow a picture with me on his lap as well, which is probably for the best on a rainy day). But my daughter rode the train so many times on so many different days that the operator knew her name and story on sight.

Anonymous said...

Hah, some adorable pics. Not sure why you'd go have somebody else take a pic of you guys with some fellow dressed as a bunny, though. You already seem to have so many wonderful pictures, where everybody in them is actually happy!

Gisela said...

this was awesome :) I miss her so much. I'm glad I didn't really accidentally off her : p

Anonymous said...

what a clever new way to obtain jewelry. :)

Janice said...

All of these left me feeling so warm and fuzzy, it was amazing. Thanks so much for sharing, I love how Alli keeps getting cuter and cuter every day!

Ray said...

I loved this installment of, "Letter Leftover" photos! One of my favorites would have to be, the one with Alli wearing that cute headband! You're right she is THAT MUCH CUTER with accesories. =D And I absolutely love her cupcake blouse. Adorable. My second favorite photo would have to be, Jerry carrying Alli's bike with Alli on top of it. Too cute. ^o^

Suzanne said...

I almost love the leftovers more than the letters!

I saw this on Yahoo and it reminded me how long I've been reading your blogs. I faintly remember you calling it a "nasty" pot, maybe?

the_plainsman said...

Like the pix where she is so engrossed, thinking about something, like in the train - not a super sharp photo but it tells much, good to save it. Jerry is good at holding things, like him and Alli, him and Toby. But I think you should let Alli take one of Jerry and you, too! But maybe with a lighter (and inexpensive, disposible) camera!

Anonymous said...

Strangely enough, from that angle, the Easter bunny in that photograph looks a little out of sorts as well! My eye went straight to the crooked mouth and downward eyes towards Alli! How funny!