Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jerry wished they were stuffed with $100 bills

Allison went to her first Easter egg hunt today.

Jerry's friend's parents hold one every year on Palm Sunday at their
house, and I wish I could convey how many kids were there.
I do know they "ordered an extra thousand eggs" this year.

Allison immediately got the concept, but she needed a little prompting.

They also gave out buckets with prizes for each kid.

Our friends Val and Ben with their daughters Adalynne and Avery.

Alli liked eating the eggs more than the candy inside.

But she did share her Smarties with the Easter bunny.
And this one was MUCH less traumatic than the one at the mall.

Afterward, all the kids got pizza and bunny cookies
and played in the yard. Kali loved the tire swing.

Allison would spend her whole life on a slide if she could.
The weather was amazing. It was a great afternoon.


Heidi said...

It seems the weather was gorgeous yesterday the world over!

It looks like a beautiful spring experience :)

cafechick80 said...

she looks so cute in her pigtails!

Anonymous said...

jerry is looking pretty suave and trim!
your whole family is attractive :)

gorakagaz said...

alli's pigtails look sooo cute!

Ray said...

"...I wish I could convey how many kids were there.
I do know they "ordered an extra thousand eggs" this year."

^^A thousand extra eggs?! WHOA! O.O
That's KID CENTRAL right there.
And what a sweet thing for Jerry's friend's parents to do. Looks like you guys had a great time. I love
Allison's pink sweatsuit with the big flower and the family photo. <3

Tina P. said...

So, this is in reference to your previous post about wanting to stop writing.
Basically, what I want to say is that at first I was a little sad when you stopped writing as frequently. Instead of checking your site every other day, it dwindled down to a week or a week and a half.
But then, my life got busier as well. Soon I would mostly forget about reading your posts, and something would jog my memory once a month or a month and a half.
So, really, what I’m trying to say is that we all understand (I know I’m a little late in saying this).
but some of my favorite nights turn out to be the ones were I’m taking a break from writing million page research papers or working through math problems that I can never find the end of. I grab a bowl of cereal pull up your site and go through the pages until I find where I left off last month, and immerse myself in Allison stories and broken televisions. And I must say, although I don't have a kid, your entries are not always baby obsessed, and when they do revolve around Allison, they have a certain air about them. I love reading your entries, you have an amazing writing style that I’ve admired and sought after all the way from the xanga days.
p.s when my friend got a ferret the other day, my first thought was of you. (Lets blame on the fact the I have never known ANYONE to own a ferret, not because that sounds a little weird or because I think of you all the time :)....)

novelle360 said...

Thanks for the note. To be honest, part of the reason I considered stopping is because for the first time since I created my blog, my site hits have started to go down instead of up. I lost time and interest, and others did too.

But writing about it helped me remember why it is I do this, and it's helped rejuvinate me and my love of the written word. (Jennifer, if you're reading this, I agree with your assessment you left in a comment on the last post.)

It's not about the frequency I write or others visit. It's the joy I know I (and I hope you) get out of it when we do find the time.

Thanks again.

novelle360 said...

And I laughed out loud about the ferret. I still keep a picture of Zeke on my desk at work. I look at it every day.

Just tell your friend to protect her corners! She'll find out soon enough what I mean.

Amy said...

Aww...looks like Allison had tons of fun. She is so cute in her pigtails!!

the_plainsman said...

Are you hinting that those eggs that the parents are chasing all over hill and dale, kids tagging behind are NOT filled with $100 bills? Next thing you will tell us is that there is no Easter Bunny!

Looks like it was a fun day.