Friday, May 22, 2009

Don't be surprised when there aren't any photos of me from the neck up

The company that manufactures my regular hair dye changed its packaging. Normally I reach for the pretty brunette with brown eyes and hair captured in a perpetual windblown state. We're close me and the brunette. I mean, we have the same hair color after all.

But when I went to find her, she was nowhere to be found. I don't know what her number is. Could be 245-A. Or 322-B. I didn't know whether she's cool or warm on the color spectrum. I don't know her official name. It could be "Warmest Brown" or "Golden Brown" or "Natural Brown."

Trying not to panic, I grabbed the box that had a description closest to what I considered that color to be. "Natural Darkest Brown."

Sounded about right.

Sure, my BFF hair companion was gone, but I was hopeful that I'd get along well with the new chick. Not as much the girl-next-door type. A little more modely, but I'd try not to dismiss her just because she's gorgeous. Bitch.

So I went home with my Natural Darkest Brown, applied it, waited the required 25 minutes and rinsed.

What I didn't realize is that in those 25 minutes, my life was slowly being ruined. The dye that I only applied to my roots, hoping that it would blend seamlessly as usual so I don't fry my ends with continual applications, was seeping into my hair and turning it a ghastly black.


The box should be labeled: Unnatural Pitch Fucking Black.

So now I have two colors to my hair. The back is brown. And the top and sides are black.

Even better? I'm going to a wedding this weekend.


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Oh no! Hopefully it will fade or can be repaired :(

Jennifer Suarez said...

Oh no! That's awful! One of the many reasons I no longer dye my hair. Too many disasters!

Marcy said...

Washing your hair a bunch should help the color fade somewhat. I've been advised to always go for a lighter color than you think you'll need, b/c usually results end up DARKER than what the box claims.

If you need it fixed you could risk it and try dying again with a lighter shade and hopefully at least get everything evened out... or could splurge and go to a salon and let them fix it. Which, while expensive, in this sort of situation may very well be worth it.

Fit Mama said...

oh no! I can't believe they changed the packaging, I hope it's not my brand! Maybe wash it a couple times, then sit in the sun??? I know mine always looks darker when I initally dye it... good luck!

Ray said...

Maybe you should just dye the rest of your hair the same color so it's all one color for the wedding. Anyhow good luck on trying to fix it!!

(Also: yeah you have to be careful when purchasing dye. The color in the box could be the right color but, that doesn't necessarily mean that it'll be that exact color when the whole color processing is done. Chances are more than likely that, it will come out darker.)

Kristin said...

ohh noo =/
I try to avoid dying my hair with the box colors.
Since my hair is really thick and long, I always end up fucking up and looking a bit like a skunk =P
I'd much prefer dealing out the 50 bucks and getting it done professionally =P


julie said...

I'm pretty sure I used the exact same shade of dye this last time - Natural Darkest Brown... took 25 minutes... came out BLACK. Ugh. I can tell you that it will eventually either fade a bit or grow on you, one or the other. It doesn't seem as black to me now, and it's just a week or two later. Though I'd follow Ray's suggestion and dye the rest of your hair to match.

Anonymous said...

LoL, this brings back a nightmare for me on dying my own hair. I picked what i THOUGHT was right for me. I'm a dark blonde and wanted to go a bit lighter. I left it on the required amount of time and turned out to be the same bright yellow as my phone book.
NEVER AGAIN WILL I TRY THIS ON MY OWN. Ended up costing me almost 100.00 to fix it at the salon.
Oh what we woman can get ourselves into. Good luck and have a GREAT weekend.

Anonymous said...

DYE the rest of your hair the same color, or go to a salon to fix it. Those are really your only choices.
Or would you rather go around with 2 different shades in your hair and have it forever documented in your friends wedding album?
I'd dye it for now and fix it when I got back...

Anonymous said...

I went to have my hair done and the color was horrible but decided to wait a day or so and see if it grew on me. It didn't. I called a more reputable hair place and they said to try Dawn dish washing liquid. Regular old Dawn. It actually made a significant difference. I'd try it. Can't hurt...might help.

Maria said...

Yep, something I would do!

Allison said...

If you go to a salon, there's a treatment they can do to remove the color, or something to that effect.

I had to do that after I accidentally on purpose dyed my hair red.

FIRE.ENGINE.RED. good times. (i was still a little red after, but it was a million times better)

aj said...

"Unnatural Pitch Fucking Black"

Ya know.. some people might buy this color on purpose. You should sell it.

Ashley said...

Wash your hair with Dawn or regular Pert. The Dawn will for sure strip the color out. Use a good conditioner then re color a more normal color a day or two later!

the_plainsman said...

I liked AJ's idea. Get that name copyrighted, quick!

As for the fix, like the idea of trying the Dawn stuff first.

Hope it works out for you, if not and anybody stares, tell them to just deal with it!

Janice said...

oh my goodness! I really hope you get it figured out!

jsi said...

How awful!!
Dawn dishwashing liquid and 50 washes - it really makes a difference!

Candi said...

Try going to a salon and asking them to bleach you blonde. :-P Okay, well, maybe not. :)

Emmy said...

omg! that is exactly what it is! it's the darkest version of brown that does in fact resemble a blackish brownlike tone and i should know. it's my natural hair color. lol

you can either color all of it that dark color or go to the salon and have the experts tell you what you can do. they should know for sure what's helpful.

(i'm wishing you the best luck!)

cafechick80 said...

Oh thats no fun! I feel like the world is going to end when I F*** up my hair with a dye I haven't used before. I actually am right now sitting with very dark brownish red hair because I wanted to save 3 dollars and get the on sale 5.99 brand instead of the 8.99 usual brand that leaves me with beautiful auburn hair. I cried. And then I just reminded myself don't cheat the hair that makes you feel beautiful. I have learned that lesson many times. And to punish myself for trying to cheat, I am keeping this DARK ugly hair for 3 weeks. Then I will dye again.