Thursday, May 7, 2009


Explaining Allison's particuarly erratic behavior one afternoon:
"She's acting like a drunk on payday."

Having way too much fun with the iPhone commercials:

"Kill your roommate and need to dump the body? There's an app for that."

"Having trouble shaking the cops? There's an app for that."

"Hemorrhaging blood from a bullet wound? There's an app for that."

"Come down with a case of AIDS? There's an app for that."

"Homeless? There's an app for that."

"Need sex and your wife's in a coma? There's an app for that."


Lioncloud said...

Having trouble getting through the "transition" stage of childbirth? There's an app for that!

Maria said...


Jennifer Suarez said...

The scarey thing? I think he's right, there probably IS an app for that.

Sarah said...

iPhone is taking over the world!

Ray said...

I think those are both the GREATEST Jerryisms ever!! Hehe. =P

Loren said...

lol, I refuse point blank to get an iphone as I drop my phone quite often and its screen breaks so easily!!!!

aj said...

HAHA - All of those things are possible with the Internet Machine. :)

the_plainsman said...

Daughter Alli just ate a fistful of banana peppers and will need a diaper, pronto. Mom Kelly hopes that there's an app for that!

Mia said...

Haha, those are pretty great