Monday, May 25, 2009

So help me, if someone says they like it, my head'll explode

Despite the fact that I bought two emergency boxes of brown hair dye in hopes of saturating through the Unnatural Pitch Fucking Black, I couldn't summon the courage to use them. I had flashbacks of sitting in my hairdresser's chair at 16 as she looked at my fried bleach blonde mess with her jaw hanging agape, trying to find the right words to soften the blow that my roots were so damaged that it would likely snap off at the skull if she didn't immediately intervene.

So even though my friend's wedding was a mini reunion of sorts with some of my college roommates who I hadn't seen in almost 10 years, I was forced to suck it up and go with The Worst Box Dye Job of All Time.

The wedding was absolutely lovely. It was at a local vineyard -- a location I had wanted to book for our reception, but eventually came in second. I'm not sure what the high point was. Yes, seeing my friends was up there. Having an adult night out was great. And dancing with Jerry until I got blisters was exhilarating.

But really? What it truly comes down to? Either the chick who carried around the lobster-sized shrimp appetizer. Or the bride and her brother doing a choreographed dance that included the Macarana, Thriller and the final scene in "Dirty Dancing."

I didn't take as many photos as I would've liked -- much to Jerry's displeasure because he felt obligated to haul around my huge camera bag even though I told him repeatedly it didn't bother me -- but I did drink enough beer that I had a lapse in judgement and actually posed for a few group shots.

I'm the one who looks like someone took a Sharpie to my skull.

My view of the actual ceremony didn't
give me much of anything in the way of
photos, but with an extreme crop, this
back-lit one was sort of interesting.

The newlyweds.

A few of my college roommates.

They ordered their cake from the same bakery that
Jer and I did, which was awesome, because
we never got to eat any at our own wedding.

The groom's cake was awesome. Also the honeymoon destination.

My view of the reception and our favors.

Jerry is going to be so pissed at this photo. He's never smiling in
group shots. It's like instead of blinking, when the flash goes off,
he smirks. Anyway, this was our table. Courtney in pink with her
husband, Matt. Court's brother, Chris, is next to me. And his wife,
Jamie, is on the other side. Chris and Court's mom took the picture.

First dance.

My view of the dance floor.


Marcy said...

It looks darker, yes, but these must all be far enough away that I can't see any distinct two-toneness.

Chelsea said...

The bride looks beautiful! And your hair doesn't look like too horrible! Hey, if you were to color it via Sharpie than everyone around you would be too high off the fumes to care! Good luck going back brunette!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks darker but there's certainly no evidence of there being a dye job gone awry. I think you look great, and I really like your dress.

Anonymous said...

You wore white?

Sarah said...

Even the picture of you in the sun with your college friends doesn't look like your hair is that bad! It does look darker, but i don't see a huge contrast. I think it would be worse if you had blonde hair and tried to do your roots! Then the contrast would be more noticable!

Looks like a beautiful wedding!

Fit Mama said...

I love your dress!

Jennifer Suarez said...

I wouldn't say I like it, but I certainly don't think it's awful. Maybe it's because the pictures are small, but I don't see a 2 tone look to it AT ALL. It just looks darker than normal *shrug*

Glad you had a good time!

LeslieAnn said...

Anonymous - It's black and white with a print. It's a summer sun dress that looks nothing like she is going anywhere near bridal territory. It's perfectly fine. And super cute. I want that dress.

And Kelly, from the photos your hair looks fine. I can't even see a difference. :) Again, as others said, maybe it's because they are group shots from far away. But it doesn't seem noticeably two-tone.

Amy said...

Yes, it does look darker but it doesn't look bad at all. Maybe you need to post pictures that are closer. I know you will probably not do that :-)

the_plainsman said...

Kelly, wont risk your head 'splodin' but could not see anything was amiss in the photos here, 200 miles away. If anyone noticed, from the sound of it, most have had similar experiences, so even if it looked as bad as you thought, that would garner some understanding from many, or a begrudging admission of your fortitude; guys if they noticed, will think that's cool, I wonder how they do that tu-tone look, LOL. Looked like a fun time, now they have groom's cakes?

Ray said...

"I had flashbacks of sitting in my hairdresser's chair at 16 as she looked at my fried bleach blonde mess..."

^^You were a blonde?! Okay, I have to see photos!!

But anyhow: What a nice wedding that was. I loved both cakes (great idea for a groom's cake). And from the looks of it (in the photos) your hair does not look bad at all.

Anonymous said...

Don't you wish you could just forget about that stuff and make like your "true" friends don't care about the outside. It's the Kelly/Jerry/Allison inside that counts. And don't be too hard on yourself, I bet no one ran away shrieking. lol