Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Which one of these are not like the others?

First off, can I say how much computer issues suck? For some reason, three of my photos wouldn't load, so I was forced to use Blogger, which has crap in the image option department ... le sigh.

Okay. Complaint over.

So, as most people know, credit card companies offer rewards programs to entice all sorts of different people to choose to spend beyond their means and rack up interest with them. Personally, we have been working toward a family cruise for a few months now, but Jerry's friend Roger went a different route.

The Official Steelers Credit Card.

And thanks to putting his recent house remodeling projects on plastic before paying them off, he earned enough points to get a free personalized tour of Heinz field with three friends.

Jerry nearly crapped himself when he found out he made the cut.

The big day was last week. One of the guys couldn't make it last-minute, so Roger, his dad and Jerry made the trek to Pittsburgh, got the tour, had lunch at former player Bettis' restaurant and came home stuffed, exhausted and exhilarated.

And although I have a hard time looking at a bunch of photos that the camera weilder didn't take time to think about image composition or balance or making sure no random limbs are left out of the frame, Jerry's pictures rarely disappoint. So what if the camera wasn't completely focused? Or on the right setting? Or the lighting was off? He and his friends capture some damn interesting moments.

I'm sure you'll agree.

Here is the real reason our entire house spent
the last week vomiting. Roger's dad went sick.
And they didn't even make it out of town before
he asked Roger to pull over so he could puke.
He will NOT be getting a Christmas card this year.

I think Jer said this picture was in the owner's box. This is a photo
Dan Roony took himself while flying a plane above the stadium.
Must be nice to have that much cash that your hobby can be piloting.

Jerry taking questions from the press.

Jerry defending his beloved team.

This filing system is on the wall outside the press box.
Apparently the Steelers were the first NFL team to have
an organized way to issue press releases throughout
the game as statistics come in. Now most teams do it.

Although not focused, still legible. Much like hot
water pipes throughout a home, the stadium has
pressurized beer pipes to avoid lugging kegs all over.

Roger entering the locker room.

Jerry taking his pants off in the locker room.

Big Rog, Roger and the tour guide entering the field from
the locker room, just like the players do for home games.

And normally I would mercilessly mock Jer for taking a picture of
GRASS, but, seriously, I would kill for that lush green in my yard.
And, no, not turf people. Real grass. That Jerry was not allowed to
touch, despite his apparently incessant little girl pleading.

Somehow, hopefully decades from now, I'll be able to earn enough
points on my own Official Steelers Credit Card to get a free tour.
Because this is where Jerry wants his ashes scattered. I love this
picture because, screw Disney World, here he is in his happy place.

As a side note, he did text me one more photo that I accidentally deleted. It was a snapshot of the menu at the restaurant outside the stadium where they ate lunch. The contents included deep fried hoagies, deep fried meatloaf and deep fried burgers. Jer settled on the hoagie and he said the only thing that would've made it better was if the whole monstrosity had been wrapped in bacon.

And, finally, I fully expect a comment from Jerry informing me where I screwed up.


Anonymous said...

Dear GOD, you've been in PA TOO long. You said, "went sick". Please correct so your daughter will not learn such nonsense.

novelle360 said...

Yes. As in: He went to the stadium despite being sick.

He went sick.

Not a central PA thing. A correct grammar thing.

Ray said...

Wow, getting a private tour of Heinz Field must have been a dream come true for Jerry!! I'm glad he got the opportunity to go. ;o)

I had to laugh at the photo of Jerry in the field and especially when I read the caption. Reminds me of an episode of Desperate Housewives where: one of the characters Lynette is being chased by the cops because she threw her neighbors ashes on a baseball field (that and because she was trespassing at night I think). ;o) I'd imagine the same thing happening to you if you were to do the same at Heinz Field! LOL! =P

From the menu of the restaurant that Jerry went to it reminds me of a restaurant in Brooklyn called, "The Chipshop" where they deep fry everything for you; even food that you've brought from the outside. I've never been there but I heard about it from the travel channel.

*Side note: I have a blogger account as well and I hate that you have to upload every photo as opposed to just copy and paste. It's annoying! ;o/*

Ray said...

P.S. A family cruise sounds great. Where specifically would you like to go?

KerryLee said...

I would say "He went sick" as well, and I am a Minnesotan so there :)

I think that reader thought you meant "He got sick", rather than actually went someplace while sick.

I think.

Oh, whatever :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe give him a Christmas card with evil glares as your family photo? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Actually you fairly accurate. A couple things, however.

1. The Photograph Mr. Rooney took was in the Hallway outside the Luxury box NOT in it.

2. The Steelers and The Panthers were the first teams to use the press information system.

3. My balls there an app for that?


the_plainsman said...

LOL Jerry!!! There is an advantage to coming back to read the late comments! App's indeed!

Whether or not one was a Steeler's fan, that tour would rock!

(Ps. Funny when the language police are wrong!)