Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best. Segue. Ever.

Instead of sipping on a cosmo at the bar of our hotel right now and raiding Jerry's pillow of chocolate, I'm home helping Allison battle out what I think is a case of the two-year molars five months early. Which, judging by how early her first tooth came in, is right on schedule.

Of course I'm upset Jerry and I couldn't have our free getaway weekend to Atlantic City compliments of his morning show, which is doing some live broadcasts from there this week, but it just wasn't meant to be. First they switched weekends which didn't match up with the time I had requested off, then I threw out my back, then Alli got a fever, then I just gave up.

My side of the hotel bed went to our neighbor, Dave, who was able to step in and go last minute. And, frankly, with as much as he has helped us around the house, he deserves it. He's saved us way more money than a two-day trip to Jersey.

In the meantime, I have plenty of time to write, read and stick my thumb up my ass. And speaking of putting fingers in anal cavities, here's this month's letter leftovers:

Alli loves to play on our bed while I'm putting clothes away.

A few weeks ago, I pulled out my old shoe container and made it into
an impromptu swimming pool. The water was filled with grass and dirt
and rocks and flower petals by the time she was done.

At the time, we were watching Dave's dogs. Must be amazing
to not have any inhibitions about running around naked.

Allison likes to play makeup. She got the cap to my face lotion off
and started applying it closer and closer to her mouth very slyly.
If you look closely, she's covered in yellow.

Jerry was kind enough to help me test lighting before
a session the day the Pens won the Stanley Cup.

I think I took too long.

Hanging out in our yard after the library.

It only took 10 years to get her to leave this bow in her hair.

When Jackson was in town, we took the kids to the local amusement park.

Alli liked having someone to sit with, but Jax wasn't so sure.

After the park doctor gave Alli drops to get the sunscreen
out of her eyes, everyone had a good time.

Especially first-timer Jax.

And, as promised, an anal cavity. I'm guessing you
can put together what Jerry did with his fingers next.


the_plainsman said...

Of course it sucks that your plans did not work out, But AC with all the rain, is no picnic either!

Note to Jax (photo 10): Don't worry, it might have been the first time you did not understand what your date said, but it won't be the last, such is life. Remember Jax, don't take your eyes off the road and consider yourself lucky that the first girl you took for a drive was Alli!

Jennifer Suarez said...

My favorite photos is Alli with a bow in her hair, and the one of her naked butt.

I have a thing for naked baby butts and OK out of context that TOTALLY sounds disgusting and weird, but I'M A MOM and I can fully admit that grabbing my 2 year olds butt while shouting BUTT BUTT!! IS one of my passions. I swear to GOD this is NORMAL for a parent and I'm not some weird child abusing freak! Baby butts are TOO cute not to shout about ya know?

(Moms, I know you get this!)

Kristin said...

that is a great segue xD


Mia said...

My mom couldn't get me to keep a bow in my hair when I was young either!
That said, Alli looks absolutely precious with that bow!

Leticia Vargas said...

Cute Cute Cute Cute Cute!

Anonymous said...

Jerry look SO HOT
haha your family is just too fabulous. You guys are so cute!

Anonymous said...

looks** -my bad

novelle360 said...

That's a big complement to him because I didn't retouch that photo at all! And he doesn't believe me when I tell him that. He just rolls his eyes and says, "You HAVE to say that."

novelle360 said...

Too bad he made me swear not to use the ones of him doing mock modeling poses. They're hilarious.

Ray said...

Best segue ever indeed! I love all the photos, they're all great. Especially the one of Alli with the bow in her hair, "A-freaking-dorable!" So great that she left it on long enough for you to take that shot. ;o)

And that would be Alli's second time at an amusement park right? I miss going to this amusement parks like that. I used to go to when I was younger. We used to go all the time but now it lost its luster because most of the rides are for kids. So: have ALL THE FUN with Alli at the kiddy rides because those are memories you're going to want to remember!! I wish I could borrow a kid for a day so I can see them squeal with delight; enjoying all those new rides. ;o)

Question: I don't mean to be a pain in the (going with the theme here) ass but were the kids alone in that ride in the air?! Or were one of you guys with them??

P.S. Love that first studio shot of Jerry.