Saturday, June 13, 2009


Another person I often neglect to tell how much they mean to me is my step-dad, Carl, who's BIRTHDAY IS DEFINITELY TODAY! (cheering crowd, fireworks and trumpets)

Carl would announce his birthday in a globally televised State of the Union Address if he could. He wants a party, cake, presents and his family close on his special day. And because it falls immediately after my mom's, who likes to pretend a Leap Day occurs every June 12, we can often make a little fuss over her too.

My relationship with my step-dad happened effortlessly. I'll never forget the first time I met him. My brother and I got dropped off at my mom's house after a weekend away, and there was this MAN sitting on our SOFA with his FEET on our TABLE.

In argyle socks.

I should've known then that anyone who's legs my mom didn't immediately hack off at the knees for even attempting such a move was probably pretty special.

And he is. Carl is the hardest working person I know. When he's not teaching math or running his very successful real estate business, caring for his mom or helping me and my siblings through a crisis, he's taking care of the yard, keeping every blade of grass at the exact same length or otherwise making sure everything is in its place.

The man never sits down.

Even with youth on my side, his energy level kicks my energy level's ass. Hell, he could kick the Energizer Bunny's ass. It's tiresome just watching him.

Although we don't talk on a regular basis, we always keep tabs on each other through my mom, and he is the very first person I call when I have a serious question I don't know the answer to. His opinion and advice means that much to me.

But even better than that, he has a wicked sense of humor and a hearty laugh. Especially when I tell him things like the time in November when I accidentally turned off the thermostat while Jerry and I were already an hour into our weekend road trip.

After he's done laughing because he knows pulling a stunt like that in hopes of saving money on heat is just so me, he always steers me in the right direction. Like making sure my pipes don't burst. And, frankly, he's the only one who can tell me I need to suck it up and turn around without making me want to punch him in the face.

So Happy Birthday, Carl! No wait. That's not big enough. EXUBERANT Birthday, Carl! (braying sheep, revving stock car engines and meat sizzling)

Wish we could be there to shout and make a big production when you blow out your candles.

Kick back and put your feet up.

On the coffee table.

With argyle socks.


the_plainsman said...

Sounds like someone who everybody would like to have in their corner, so a big Happy Birthday to step-dad Carl!

And two words to Jerry:


Ray said...

From the sounds of your step-dad Carl I think a bit of him rubbed off on you. Because you're just as much of a hard worker. ;o)

"A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU CARL!" I think it's so sweet that your mom and step-dad's birthdays are just one day apart. Too cute.

Dave said...

well besides the fact that was very well put, papa dukes called me to ask if i had read your blog and if i havent that i need to...well done kelly and wish the 4 of you could be here with us today! =)

Erica said...

I really like the contrast between your two birthday posts : ) Happy Birthday to Carl!

Allison said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Argyle.