Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In case you don't follow my tweets Jerryisms

So it turns out that Twitter is an awesome venue for Jerryisms. Instead of waiting until he has a few good ones, trying to remember them correctly and compiling a blog post, I just immediately tweet.

But if you don't have a Twitter account or miss the updates on the right side of my blog, I'll post them here every time I hit three, as usual.


After choking on his lunch then blowing his nose to discover a hunk of his tuna sandwich:
"You might have pushed out a baby, but I pushed out an albacore."

He could've just said no when I asked if he wanted some on his ham:
"I hate honey mustard as much as Hitler hated the Jews."

During a phone call while I was at work:
"Allison just pointed to the toilet and said 'Daddy.' That can't be good right?"


Kristin said...

I like the last one xD


Ray said...

"...Blowing his nose to discover a hunk of his tuna sandwich."

^^Imagine if you had recorded that moment?! LOL! =P